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6 apps to watch live cricket and feel like you’re on the pitch

With these apps, you'll feel like you're watching the games in person, right on the pitch.


You might not watch it, but cricket is considered to be the second most famous sport in the world. For the non-believers, a survey by Statistics and Data comparing several datasets showed that this sport has around 2,6 billion fans around the world. To help them watch the games online, there are some cricket apps to feel like you’re on the pitch.

These apps offer high-quality live cricket broadcasts so fans can watch the rounds and matches online. This way, the spectators can feel like they’re sitting at the stadium, close to the action


Through the apps, passionate fans can follow cricket scores and the matches of large tournaments, such as the IPL, BBL, and the Natwest 120 Blast. Keep reading to learn more about the apps.

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What are the best apps to watch cricket online?

1. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz cricket apps

Image: App Store

At first glance, Cricbuzz is a cricket news website from India. However, it also offers an app where users can find news, articles, and live coverage of the rounds. This way, it’s become one of the most famous cricket apps.

Fans can enjoy extra content in different formats, such as videos and text comments. They can also follow the statistics of the main players and check the team standings in tournaments.

If you don’t think that’s enough, Cricbuzz’s official website delivers all that fans need to know, and more. Founded in 2024, this is one of the most popular websites about cricket.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

2. CricHeroes


Image: App Store

Fans of the sport can use Cricbuzz’s main competitor, CricHeroes. Here, users can access scores in several tournaments with ease. Further, through CricInsights you can get tips on becoming a professional cricket player.

This app offers live cricket streaming so you can follow all the major leagues worldwide. This includes the games played by the national cricket team of India, among other countries.

Unlike most other products, CricHeroes offers a vast array of complementary features. Among them, you’ll find daily quizzes, surveys, and fun facts about one of the biggest sports in the world.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

3. CricLine


Image: App Store

CricLine stands out due to its ease of navigation as well as its speedy updates, which are faster than even TV broadcasts. As an entirely free app, the only issues pointed out by users are a few bugs and the presence of ads.

This app offers live cricket streaming of multiple matches at the same time. It covers all the biggest international leagues, as well as the Big Bash, and even the IPL matches!

However, the app gets frequent updates to try and fix any bugs that fans report. CricLine has a truly intuitive interface, through which you can access all the most important cricket news without going through several screens.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

4. ESPNcricinfo

ESPNcricinfo cricket apps

Image: App Store

The ESPN cricket mobile app, ESPNcricinfo, deserves a spot on our list.  You can follow your favorite cricket teams to personalize the feed and only get alerts about what interests you. It also offers cricket live scores with ball-by-ball commentary.

The notifications on ESPNcricinfo are quick and accurate so that you are always on top of news and matches. On the app, you’ll find coverage of all the major leagues, including all formats, whether that is T20, Tests, or ODI.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

5. Cricket Line Guru

Cricket Line Guru cricket apps

Image: App Store

Although its interface is simple, Cricket Line Guru delivers all you might need to check a live cricket match score. The platform aims to provide its users with the best cricket experience.

This way, the app sends good, reliable, and fast notifications about events worldwide. It also offers several cool features, such as live commentary on each play, a detailed scoreboard, and coverage of all the major leagues, including the Cricket World Cup.

Unlike most competitors, Cricket Line Guru has a cleaner interface to help users better focus while browsing. This way, you can read without interruptions. Further, it also offers polls on game days so fans can vote on their favorites.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

6. ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

ICC Men's Cricket World Cup cricket apps

Image: App Store

To finish our list, we have the ICC official app. Here, you’ll have access to all you need to know about the Cricket World Cup, with coverage of both Men’s and Women’s cricket.

This app modernizes cricket content by offering stories and vertical videos, which makes the sport more accessible. There’s also ball-by-ball commentary for all matches.

Going further, you can find exclusive video and archive footage from past events in the ICC app. To enhance the experience, it uses AR and VR for its analyses and data, as well as several other features.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

So, did you like our list of the best cricket apps?

Cricket fans can relax, as they no longer need to deal with confusing programming by TV networks or low streaming quality on the web. With these apps, the experience becomes more accessible, responsive, and modern. This way, you can follow your favorite teams right at home.


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