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Straight from the pitch: 6 apps to watch live rugby

Discover the best apps to watch live rugby and feel like you're part of the plays


The thrill of watching rugby football, or rugby, matches is no longer exclusive to those who can go in person. Due to technological advances in sports, there are some great apps to watch live rugby that fans can use from the palm of their hands.

Overall, these are platforms that include live broadcasts but go much further. In some cases, fans can check rugby news, follow their favorite teams with notifications, check the standings, and more. Check out the best apps below.


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What are the best apps to watch live rugby?

1. ESPN: Live Sports & Score

apps live rugby ESPN
Image: Google Play Store


One of the biggest news broadcasters around also has one of the best apps to watch rugby. In fact, ESPN brings together in one place several different sports, such as soccer, hockey, and football.

What makes it stand out in rugby is that ESPN works with exclusive coverage of international rugby tournaments and even the Rugby League World Cup. And it offers all of this in the palm of the user’s hand, with features that adapt to their needs.

If you don’t want to just watch the games, try exploring the other features available. You can check live news, the best highlights, player interviews, and even expert analyses. Download it now for Android or iOS.

2. Sky Sports

apps live rugby Sky SportsImage: Google Play Store

Near and dear to fans of several different sports, Sky Sports meets the needs of the more detail-oriented supporters. The platform offers comprehensive coverage of national and international rugby tournaments.

Of course, you can watch pretty much any rugby championship, even the Rugby World Cup and the games played by the Rugby USA team, but it doesn’t end there. It stands out for its other features that enhance your experience, such as video replays, highlights, and even player statistics while they’re playing.

It’s also extremely accessible, as the platform is intuitive and friendly. This way, you can find exactly what you need with ease. Download it now for Android.

3. RugbyPass TV

apps live rugby RugbyPassImage: Google Play Store

Another app that rugby fans love is RugbyPass, which is a free streaming service. Through RugbyPassTV, all fans can follow all the games and even watch replays.

As it is an app exclusive to rugby, you don’t have to deal with information about other sports. Further, you can check highlights of the best moments, as well as exclusive news about major teams and players.

It stands out from the competition as it is not only free, but it offers games in HD quality that you can watch on any device. In other words, RugbyPass offers several innovative features that make your experience with the sport even better.  Download it now for Android or iOS.

4. Fox Sports: Watch Live

Fox Sports: Watch Live Image: Google Play Store

Another network that offers exclusive access to national and international rugby leagues is Fox Sports. As it covers tournaments and events that other networks don’t, it has one of the best apps to watch rugby.

Its users can follow their favorite athletes and teams to stay in the loop about their news. If you can’t watch a game, the app provides instant game updates about match and league scores.

Additionally, the video highlights it offers are of high quality, to improve fans’ enjoyment. Through its intuitive interface, it’s easier to find updates and news about your favorite teams. Download it now for Android or iOS.

5. CBS Sports

CBS Sports Image: Google Play Store

Above all, the biggest advantage of CBS Sports is the highly customizable algorithm. This means that every time you use the platform, it identifies your preferences and makes the experience more intuitive.

This way, the information about the rugby team you support will be available on the home screen, minimizing the number of clicks and searches. Not only is it one of the best apps to watch live rugby, but it also covers other sports. All while feeling like they’re live in the stadium, thanks to the HD video. Download it now for Android or iOS.

6. NBC Sports

NBC apps live rugbyImage: Google Play Store

Rounding off our selection, we have NBC Sports. It offers incredible access to different types of sports, and it is one of the best apps to watch live rugby. The platform covers a wide array of live events, including the NFL Sunday Night Football and the Soccer Premier League, and you can watch matches by the 6 Nation rugby team.

It goes further than just live streaming, as within the platform, its users can watch video clips and highlights from previous events, as well as preview upcoming ones. To make the experience better, it offers full event replays and alternate camera angles. Download it now for Android or iOS.

So, did you like the best apps to watch live rugby?

If you enjoy watching sports at home, you’re in luck. After all, nowadays it’s possible to stream matches in amazing quality, right from your couch. This way, you can cheer for your rugby comfortably without spending (too much) money!

And to enhance your experience, why not put on the proper gear? Don your favorite team’s rugby shirt and rugby shorts to support your team. Don’t forget to buy the Rugby World Cup tickets to watch your country play in the stadium, surrounded by other fans!


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