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4 apps to watch swimming live

Discover which are the best apps to watch swimming live and follow your favorite athletes


Die-hard swimming fans no longer need to jump through hoops to follow their favorite tournaments. That’s because there are some great apps to watch competitive swimming live right from your phone.

Typically, they offer high audio and video quality, a good user experience, and are pleasant to browse through. Yet, they can go further, bringing news, rankings, and a lot more to enhance the users’ experience.


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What are the best apps to watch swimming live?

There are plenty of apps you can use to follow swimming. While some are great, others are quite limited. In this list, we’ve selected the best so you can stay on top of news relating to your favorite athletes and teams and never miss a beat of what happens in the swimming pools!


1. FloSports: Watch Live Sports

FloSports apps live swimmingImage: Google Play Store

FloSports is one of the best apps for fans looking to have a good experience with this type of tech. Through this platform, you can choose from a vast selection of live events in more than 25 sports, including the NCSA swimming events.

From the Olympic Summer Games to junior league tournaments, or any other competition you like, there are plenty of options to watch swimming live. However, the features are not limited to just live or on-demand streaming, as the app goes beyond.

Users can cast live broadcasts to other screens through devices such as AirPlay and Chromecast that are linked to the phone or tablet they want. Additionally, you can check last-minute news, highlight clips, and even expert coverage by professionals of your favorite sports.

One of FloSport’s advantages over the other apps to watch swimming live is its friendly user interface that makes it so anyone can find information easily. Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

2. Olympics: Live Sports & News

Olympics apps live swimmingImage: Google Play Store

The official app of the Olympics also offers a great live broadcasting service for the competitions and stages of one of the world’s biggest sporting events. Specifically, it includes swimming among the sports that fans can follow in categories such as freestyle swimming and synchronized swimming.

Although it offers this service, you need to keep in mind that the app focuses on events relating to the Olympics. Even so, you can watch the broadcasts at the highest audio and video quality, enjoy comments by the organization’s official analysts, and a lot more.

The app’s features aren’t limited to live swimming either, as the developers’ premise is to offer a guide and companion to those who want to watch the Olympics. For this reason, there is a vast choice of features, including detailed information about the athletes, articles, news, documentaries, and series about the sports world.

Take the chance to download the app and get ready for the pre-Olymic events, including training and qualifiers. Don’t limit yourself to video content, as the platform offers texts, podcasts, and images as well. Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

3. NBC Sports

NBC Sports apps live swimmingImage: Google Play Store

NBC is one of the official broadcasters of water sports that happen around the world, offering exclusive coverage full of extra content for enthusiasts. Specifically, the NBC Sports app works with the broadcaster’s own content, but also that of the Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, and Telemundo Desportes.

As a result of this teamwork with other communication networks, NBC Sports is one of the best apps to watch swimming live. Thus, there are several live events to follow, as well as on-demand videos that include competition highlights and previews of the next stages.

Something that helps make the platform stand out is that you can watch the sports events you missed, so you’re not limited to highlight videos. This way, you can watch an already finished broadcast, as they’re available in a catalog for users to check whenever they want.

Additionally, other features cater to fans who love statistics, odds of winning, expert analysis, and exclusive cameras to see the action from another angle. Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

4. Eurosport: News & Results

Eurosport Image: Google Play Store

Now, if you want to follow European swimming and not get stuck with the same competitions that happen in the American continent, the best option is Eurosport. Due to its advanced technology and ample coverage, it’s easily one of the best apps to watch swimming live from other locations.

Through the app, fans can beat geographical barriers with high-quality broadcasts of varied popular sports, including swimming. Thus, Eurosport lets sports enthusiasts follow other sports. So, you can follow tournaments that range from the soccer Premier League to the snooker English Open.

Further, the broadcasts are accompanied by a series of interesting features for the fans. Other than watching live and on-demand events, they can also check the standings, swimming rankings, and results of several swimming categories.

Other features include custom phone notifications so you don’t miss any matches. To enhance the experience, enjoy the live comments and a guide with several channels to browse through. Download it from the Play Store for Android.

So, did you like our list of apps to watch swimming live?

With these apps, you don’t need to miss any rounds of the national or international competition you want to follow, including the Olympics. These are the best options for anyone who doesn’t want to suffer through networks’ confusing programming or low-quality online broadcasts. Try them out!


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