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Find partners and soccer fields with these apps

Discover the technology that brings soccer lovers closer together


There’s nothing better than finding partners and soccer fields to put our love for the sport into practice. Discovering and sharing new techniques is part of the sport’s soul. Therefore, it’s always important to be on the fields enjoying good company and learning new concepts that bring you closer to scoring a goal.

But we know it can be difficult to find players and soccer fields, especially if you’re traveling in a country or state you’re unfamiliar with. Therefore, we have compiled a list of five apps that can make this easier for you.


Finding Soccer Partners and Fields Made Easy

Undoubtedly, playing soccer is a great way to meet new people and make friends. After all, you are connecting with people who share the same interests. But before you chat with the folks you’re going to play with, pay attention to these two tips:

  1. Be specific about the type of soccer you want to play to more easily find people of the same skill level as you.
  2. Be flexible with time and location, as this will increase your chances of finding people to play with.

With this in mind, let’s move on to the list of apps to help you find soccer partners and fields more quickly and safely.



Appito partners and soccer fields

Image: Google Play

Appito is one of those apps that came to help soccer players organize themselves. It prepares the whole ground so that you can have that experience of playing the sport without complications, just like you do in video games.

Thus, you can use the platform to rent a field and organize games. And of course, you can find people with the same level of field experience as you to enjoy a fun play.

In addition, whenever you schedule a game, it will offer you an attendance list for your soccer game, including a list of confirmed and pending players. For better organization, this list can be divided between monthly and occasional players.

Download: App Store and Google Play



Image: Google Play

Playo is an excellent name for those who want to find partners and soccer fields. After all, it understands that playing the sport is cool, but spending hours searching for a field to play can be quite tedious.

The platform will connect you with the nearest fields and also unite you with other soccer players with the same purpose: to have fun. With it, you have everything you need to start playing, as it can even schedule meetings with coaches.

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However, if your interest is just to relax watching the next friendly match in your city or a specific championship, you can use Playo to find out where these events will take place.

Download: App Store and Google Play

Find me Football 

Find me Football partners and soccer fields

Image: Google Play

Find Me Football is the perfect app for those who like to practice soccer with other people. It assists you from the moment you think about playing, choosing the ideal field, finding the right people, to stepping on the perfect place to kick the ball.

Using this app, you can create your own game whenever and wherever you want. In addition, you can find and participate in tournaments that even offer prizes to their players. To make your experience even more personalized, the app sends alerts whenever a suitable game for you appears in your preferred area.

To assist in your search for fields, the platform informs about the facilities and amenities of each stadium. Finally, the Find Me Football list feature allows you to save friends and invite them to the games you create.

Download: App Store and Google Play

Football Fan Social App 

Football Fan Social App partners and soccer fields

Image: Google Play

A good choice for those who want to find partners and soccer fields is Football Fan. In it, you can find people to share your love for the sport and also absorb their experience.

With this app, you can invite your friends and even field rivals to talk about what each one’s club history represents. And if you want to become a soccer content creator, you can use the platform for that.

Share videos and podcasts of you playing or giving your opinion about a match. Another interesting feature of the Football Fan Social App is that it provides you with notifications about game events, live comments, and updates on tournaments happening near you.

Download: App Store and Google Play



Image: Google Play

PlayerHunter was developed with the aim of being the perfect app for soccer lovers. Therefore, it offers a complete experience about the sport, where you can even create your player card with all your personal statistics and skills.

The platform has a powerful algorithm that, based on your location and preferences, identifies where there is a perfect soccer field for you. The app also gets to know you better as you use it, to always offer you the best options.

We also need to highlight that PlayerHunter has an online reservation functionality. Thus, you can ensure the availability of the field at the desired time.

Download: App Store and Google Play

Ready to Score a Goal?

The apps for finding soccer partners and fields are a great option for you to play the sport more frequently and with people of different skill levels. Use the list we presented to find the perfect app. You might be surprised at how much they can make the sport more fun.


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