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4 Apps to Follow Volleyball Tournaments and Events

Discover the best apps to follow volleyball tournaments and events without leaving your home.


Volleyball fans no longer need to struggle to follow tournaments and events of the sport. With the support of new apps and cutting-edge technology used in these platforms, cheering for your favorite sport has become much easier. In this context, there are 4 apps for following volleyball tournaments and events that you need to know about.

These platforms have been developed by and for fans, recognizing the need for products that cater to this audience. Although not as popular and widespread as football, data from Statistics and Data shows that volleyball has over 935 million fans worldwide. Learn more below and discover these platforms.


What are the apps for following volleyball tournaments and events?

1. Playeasy

PlayEasy Image: Google Play Store

Firstly, the Playeasy app is the mobile version of a system that previously existed on the official website. This platform allows users to follow 80 sports and access more than 2,000 events.


Essentially, Playeasy lets users access the sports events happening in their region, from official competitions to university events. There are various options to explore what’s happening in the sports world near you.

However, it’s not limited to telling where a volleyball match is happening. Through the app, fans can get detailed information about the teams playing and who the organizers are.

Moreover, it’s possible to plan the purchase of tickets, book hotels, and even contact the match hosts. Other features include integration into a sports tourism community. In this case, users can follow profiles of organizers and other fans, share events they will participate in, and chat with other users.

Download now for Android or iOS.

2. NCAA Volleyball Championship

Print da interface do aplicativo NCAA Volleyball ChampionshipImage: Google Play Store

The NCAA Volleyball Championship app promises to be the home for volleyball fans who want to follow the sport. It specifically focuses on first division competitions but has extensive functionalities.

On one hand, passionate fans can follow the schedule of events, broadcasts, and all match results. It’s also possible to access players’ and teams’ statistics easily, cheering for your favorites even more closely.

Other functionalities include connecting to the feeds of X, the former Twitter. This way, you can follow the posts and broadcasts created on the official accounts of the teams. Plus, check out what your favorite players, or rivals, are posting.

If you want to personalize your experience, modify the notification settings. This way, it’s easier to receive alerts and warnings about everything happening in the volleyball world, even before the matches.

Download now for Android or iOS.

3. Volleyball World

Volleyball World volleyball tournaments eventsImage: Google Play Store

Like Playeasy, the Volleyball World app is the mobile version of an official website. Specifically, Volleyball World aims to be the definitive volleyball portal on the internet. Therefore, the online platform has a range of features that have also been included in the app.

Along with content about indoor volleyball, the app works with information about beach volleyball for those who want to go beyond. Through the app, you can follow the main plays with video highlights and summaries of each match.

If you activate push notifications, you can instantly receive all the news and videos on your device. Additionally, the algorithm allows personalizing the content you receive based on your preferences. This way, it’s easier to follow your favorite team or players.

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The app is not limited to specific leagues, as it covers all tournaments around the world. Moreover, the app allows fans to check rankings and standings.

Download now for Android or iOS.

4. Volleyball TV

Volleyball TV apps volleyball tournaments eventsImage: Google Play Store

Promising to be the portable TV for volleyball fans, the Volleyball TV app is a streaming platform. Thus, fans can follow tournaments and events in the sport based on the tournament schedule.

Also created by the same developers as Volleyball World and integrated with the company, this is a specific service for watching games. Thus, fans can access all matches and competitions on one platform, live.

Besides the games, features include clips showing highlights and replays of matches. As a result, you’ll never be out of date with your favorite sport.

Therefore, if you’re already a user or follower of Volleyball World, this app complements your experience. Currently, the Volleyball TV app includes the Volleyball Nations League, Beach Volleyball World Championship, Olympic Qualifying Tournament, World Cup, and Club World Championship.

To keep track of so many matches, organize your schedule based on the app’s programming. You can activate notifications to be informed about the games in advance. This way, you won’t miss any round.

Download now for Android or iOS.

Did you like the list of apps to follow volleyball tournaments and events?

The portability of these apps is transforming the experience of fans around the world. Now, it’s much easier to follow your favorite team or explore different tournaments worldwide. Don’t wait for the TV schedule to include the matches. Download one of these apps and start watching this week.


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