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Hockey tips to play like a pro

Here's what you need to know to play hockey like a pro!


If you want to play hockey better, you’re in the right place! Here, we will give you some tips to take the first steps to become a star in the sport. You will see how important it is to work as a team to achieve a victorious game.

Moreover, you will realize that playing hockey is much more than learning to control the stick and the puck. After all, with each play, you need to devise a strategy to anticipate your opponents’ moves and develop attack opportunities.


Necessary Skills to Play Hockey

Without a doubt, knowing how to skate is one of the most important requirements, especially if you’re going to play ice hockey. If you don’t master this skill, you may have difficulty moving quickly on the field, which could complicate your performance in the game. In addition, you need to have good stamina to cope with the high intensity of the sport.

On the technical skills side, you need to train a lot so you don’t falter when passing the puck to your teammates. After all, you don’t want to be known as the player who always passes the puck to the opponents. Also, don’t forget to practice dribbling so you can deceive the other competitors.


Skating in Ice Hockey History

skating play hockeyImage: Pexels

Hockey is a sport played on ice, either on synthetic or natural fields. Therefore, one of the necessary requirements to be a great hockey player is to know how to skate. The game involves adrenaline and the physical ability to make quick movements.

The first steps to learn are to practice in different directions. That is, practice skating forwards and backwards, tight turns, and quick stops. The more comfortable and efficient you are on skates, the better your game will be.

Develop Spatial Awareness

Understanding where your teammates and opponents are in space is very important to play hockey. Besides the players’ space, understanding the position of the puck is vital for victory in the game.

The main tip to develop spatial awareness is to practice with the team. Training with people can help you predict each one’s steps and gameplay style.

Work on Strength and Physical Condition

Skating requires great stamina and physical effort. First, stamina is necessary so that the efficiency of the gameplay does not diminish. Physical effort ensures that movements on the field are made with mastery and the right dexterity.

To improve physical condition, it’s interesting to practice hockey and go to the gym. Do weight training and aerobic exercises with your doctor’s guidance. You will certainly achieve a physical conditioning that will surprise your opponents.

Study the Game in Depth

When watching hockey games, analyze the game deeply. From now on, you need to watch the matches with a critical and analytical eye. This perspective can give you insights about positioning, team tactics, and ways to react in different situations.

Besides watching, take notes of your favorite players’ movements. Remember that each player has their unique style of play. To help you, we suggest studying the positioning of renowned athletes. Discover a unique style that works for you on the field.

Stay Calm Under Pressure

It’s completely normal to feel great pressure when playing for the first time. The enthusiasm of the audience and the team players can cause a lot of distraction. Understanding how your mind works under pressure will help you become a better hockey player.

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To stay calm, you need to think in a cold and calculated way. Putting emotions aside can be difficult at first. As hockey is an intense game requiring quick action, always train to think more rationally and less emotionally.

Practice Communication with the Team

communicate play hockeyImage: Pexels

Every game requires consistent communication, and hockey is no different. To play hockey better, you need to have objective communication with the team. Thus, before entering the field, talk and coordinate a lot with the players for the best possible result.

Hockey communication can be verbal and non-verbal. In this sense, combining unique styles can work very well in the game. Non-verbal communication can be unique to your team, creating a great advantage over opponents.

Be Open to Feedback and Training

You need to be honest with yourself, if you are a beginner, accepting feedback is important. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate in hockey, your skills can be improved with professional support. Hockey is a physical and intense game. Therefore, feedback during the game can be incisive and even harsh.

The ability to train emotionally and receive criticism positively is very important. To improve your receptiveness, you can talk to your coaches off the field. Encouraging a friendship to understand the separation of field versus affection can make the process easier.

Demand Less of Yourself and Visualize Your Achievements

The demand to get better every day can cause anxiety. Everything requires a process, and you need to go through it. Enjoying and visualizing each achievement is an important factor in playing hockey better.

Maintain a dialogue with yourself, visualize your achievements, and take notes. Create a diary for skills and describe each important step in your evolution. Whenever you have moments of anxiety, consult the process you have gone through. Always be kind to yourself!

Ready to Be a Great Hockey Player?

Becoming a better hockey player requires discipline. You will need physical, mental, and technical conditioning. You need to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. The key point is discipline and understanding your limits. Working to reach and even exceed these limits is what separates you from a professional hockey player. Use the tips to your advantage and practice a lot!


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