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5 Apps to Find Cricket Partners and Pitches

Discover the best apps for playing cricket with partners on specialized pitches.


Everyone knows that organizing meetups with friends, especially for playing a sport, is not always easy. If you also face this issue in your daily life, rest assured, because there are 5 apps to find cricket partners and pitches near you that can help.

More specifically, these apps use your geolocation to make it easier to find sports centers, pitches, or recreational centers that offer space to play cricket.


What are the apps for finding cricket partners and pitches?

1. Playo

Playo Image: Play Store

Considered the largest sports community on the internet, Playo has an app derived from its official online portal. Since its inception, the company specializes in connecting players looking for companions to practice their favorite sports.


But it goes beyond being a social network for beginner players. Playo also allows you to book sports facilities near your area. And if you want more, the platform includes a system for managing your activities and sports groups.

Thus, when scheduling weekly cricket training, for example, users can create an attendance and absence control. This way, it’s easier to encourage players’ regular attendance and assess the results of these training sessions.

Even if you are meeting other players just for fun, Playo helps you take those cricket meetups to another level. Download now for Android or iOS.

2. Sportido

Sportido apps partners cricket pitchesImage: Play Store

With Sportido, you get much more than just finding places to play cricket or interested players. The platform has functionalities for over 700 sports modalities, locating where you can practice near you.

The differential of Sportido is that this app connects you with people around you with a compatible profile. In other words, it not only offers the possibility of finding partners who are at the same playing level. Specifically, it introduces you to other users with the same interests, training frequency, and who live nearby.

Moreover, with this platform, you can get discounts on pitches and sports centers when you want to play. In your free time, you can visit cricket academies and spaces for weightlifting.

Finally, an advantage of Sportido is that within the same app, you can also follow cricket events. Through geolocation, it’s easy to find tournaments, competitions, and qualifying games in your neighborhood or city. Download now for Android.

3. Playeasy

Playeasy apps partners cricket pitchesImage: Play Store

Like Playo, the Playeasy app is an extension of its official online portal. The sports rental catalog includes 80 sports, but the services go beyond finding spaces and cricket players.

On the one hand, the platform allows you to connect with other users with similar interests. This way, you can find pitches or sports centers to practice cricket.

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In addition, the app also offers the possibility to follow sports events happening in the city. Using the search mechanism created by the company, you can navigate what’s happening in your city.

Other functionalities allow players to rent and book pitches to play with their friends. For sports events, you can buy tickets, book hotels, and even talk to the organizers of the competition. Download now for Android or iOS.

4. Sportobuddy

Sportobuddy Image: Play Store

Sportobuddy is one of the few apps specialized in finding cricket partners and pitches near you. With a simpler but no less effective interface, this is an alternative for those who do not want to navigate through other sports.

Starting to use the app is very easy, as you only need to register. Whether filling out the form from scratch or linking your account with other apps, the differential of Sportobuddy is that the processes are simplified. Therefore, it is always easy to enter the app and explore its functionalities.

More than just offering the possibility of scheduling games on pitches in your region and connecting with other players, you can access more information about the cricket world. In other tabs of the app, there are details about the tournaments happening at the moment.

You can also follow the classification, your favorite players, and main events of the modality. If you want to know more about what’s happening in cricket, access the match summaries, league data, team statistics, and player analysis. Download now for Android.

5. GW SportsApp

GW SportsApp Image: Play Store

One of the direct competitors of Sportobuddy is the GW SportsApp. Initially, it worked with few sports, including cricket, but underwent a series of updates that included other modalities.

In general, this app is ideal for those looking for an app to book facilities with minimal resources. With a simple and clean user interface, users can quickly access all the information they are looking for.

More than booking training fields or for matches, you can connect with other sports enthusiasts. If your cricket team is looking for more competitive opponents or at higher levels to stimulate performance, count on this platform.

The main features of the app, besides finding pitches and players, involve booking sports facilities with partial value. Download now for Android or iOS.

Did you like the list of apps for finding cricket partners and pitches?

Stop struggling with the low availability of your friends and expand your contact network with other cricket enthusiasts. Download one of these apps today to connect with other fans, plan training sessions, and participate in tournaments.


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