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At high speeds: 4 apps to watch Formula 1 live

Discover the best apps to watch Formula 1 live and enjoy the thrill of high-speed racing


For a Formula 1 fan, there’s nothing worse than missing the most important moments in the race weekends due to a bad broadcast. From qualifying to the podium, there are many unique feelings these apps to watch Formula 1 live can help you experience.

Typically, they are platforms that offer live coverage of the free practice sessions, qualifying rounds, and Sunday and sprint races. Further, more die-hard fans can enjoy the statistics and the pilot interviews in the additional features. Learn more down below and check out these technologies.


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What are the best apps to watch Formula 1 live?

Fans of Formula 1 likely know of the website Motorsport TV and might even expect to find its app here. However, as its reviews are lackluster and the apps are riddled with bugs, it was deliberately left out. Instead, on our list, you’ll find more user-friendly options with more features.


1. F1 TV

F1 TV apps live formula 1Image: Google Play Store

The Formula 1 official app now also offers a live-streaming service. The best part is that there is a diverse selection of features to please all types of fans. Through the platform, it’s easy to follow the different moments in the week of races.

You can start watching as early as Thursday to follow the official F1 motorsport programming that includes interviews, hot news, and updates about the category. When the Formula 1 cars enter the circuits, whether that is for free practice sessions, qualifying, or races, you can choose what car to follow.

This way, you’re not limited to the local network’s broadcast, as you can watch each and every car’s camera individually. As such, it’s possible to follow your favorite team or pilot on the circuit.

Additionally, there are some other features available, including the positions during races and even live broadcasts from other countries, as well as current Formula 1 standings. Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS and check out the plans available.

2. Fubo: Watch Live TV & Sports

Fubo apps live formula 1Image: Google Play Store

Fubo has the premise of bringing TV to users’ hands, offering all the services one would get when getting a TV provider right on its app. Fortunately, for fans who want apps to watch Formula 1 live, this platform delivers a variety of options.

That happens because it provides more than 350 channels, which range from sports to news and entertainment. This way, you can tune into your local channel or even international channels that broadcast the F1 races.

As a result, you can watch everything and enjoy what each network offers during the motorsport weekends. During intervals between stages, you can browse through other channels and sports.

Something that makes Fubo truly stand out is that it offers a vast selection of content. That is, you’ll find movies, TV series, documentaries, and more, and you can even DVR content, depending on your subscription. Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS and check out the plans available.

3. Sky Sports

Sky Sports apps live formula 1Image: Google Play Store

One of the biggest TV networks in the Formula 1 motorsport segment is Sky Sports. It’s become a reference in all aspects of the category, including news, entertainment, and coverage. As such, fans can rely upon this app to stay in the loop about all things motorsport.

This way, the Sky Sports app offers live streaming of their racing weekend coverages. In fact, the network’s work begins even before Friday’s free practice sessions, so that fans can stay in the loop with the news reports and the top-notch programming.

As is the case with Fubo and many other network-owned apps, fans can watch a vast selection of sports and leagues. Nowadays, Sky Sports provides one of the best coverages of the NBA, NFL, and the Rugby League, for instance.

If you don’t want to merely watch the races, check out the exclusive interviews with pilots, team leaders, and officials from the International Automobile Federation. Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

4. ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

ESPNImage: Google Play Store

One of the most sought-after platforms by fans who want to watch Formula 1 live is the ESPN app. Other than covering other categories and major sporting leagues, it also broadcasts these races.

The app particularly stands out for its comprehensive customization options. To this end, ESPN uses an exclusive advanced algorithm that learns exactly what you like as you use the app to show only relevant content on the home screen.

This minimizes the need for user interaction and enhances their experience, as they’ll find what they want quicker. It’s also possible to get notified about specific topics, so you can keep an eye on your favorite Formula 1 team or pilot, whether that is Lewis Hamilton or the Mercedes team.

If ads tend to bother you, it might be a good idea to subscribe to ESPN+. The subscription grants access to a large choice of features, such as highlights and classic replays. Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

So, did you like the apps to watch Formula 1 live?

Formula 1 fans don’t have to worry about missing even a second, from the pole position to the celebration at the podium. With these apps, it’s much more fun to follow your favorite motorsport category. And so you can show off while rooting, wear your Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch or a Ferrari racing jacket!


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