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6 apps to watch live tennis

Discover all the best apps to watch tennis tournaments live from home


Tennis fans no longer need to stress out when they want to watch their favorite tournaments. That is because there are 6 apps to watch live tennis right on your couch. These platforms aim to make things more convenient while offering useful features.

Fortunately, most of these apps are available to use for free. Moreover, you can enjoy match analysis features, detailed statistics, and other insights about the players’ performances, including famous tennis players such as Ben Shelton.


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What are the best apps to watch live tennis?

1. TNNS: Tennis Live Scores

TNNS: Tennis Live Scores apps live tennis


Image: App Store

This app was created by tennis fans to cater to a common need among supporters: to be able to get updates or keep track of tournaments quickly. As a result, it was designed so that right on the home screen, the user finds what they need.

Specifically, one can navigate between live matches, tournament information, player profiles, rankings, and news. It makes it easy to find out the scores of matches, get news about matches and tournaments that happen on any tennis court around the world, and keep track of your favorite players.

TNNS covers Grand Slam Tournaments, as well as other events such as the ATP, WTA, Challenger, and ITF tournaments. To make things better, it also offers deep match analyses, detailed statistics, and comparisons of scores between different athletes.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

2. fuboTV

fuboTV apps live tennis

Image: App Store

Other than watching live tennis, fuboTV is a good alternative for supporters of other sports. From soccer to hockey, fans can find the convenience of TV on their phone’s screen, without fighting over who gets the remote.

fuboTV has a vast selection of TV channels that go beyond sports broadcasts, as it is an alternative to cable TV. In total, they have over 50 thousand options to watch live sports, covering leagues such as the NBA, NHL, NFL, and the tennis Grand Slams.

However, the channels are not limited to the big tournaments. Several tennis channels cover smaller competitions and shows relating to the sport, such as player interviews and mini-documentaries.

The app is available for free in its 7-day trial, but after that, you need to pay for a subscription. Download it now for Android or iOS.

3. CBS Sports

CBS Sports apps live tennis

Image: App Store

As one of the most famous networks among sports-loving fans, CBS Sports also offers an amazing app. As apps specific to tennis are getting rarer by the day, investing in a platform that focuses on several sports is a good option.

The app offers a lot of features, such as news, tennis scores, and videos about several sports. You can stream live matches from the network’s several channels in one app.

It covers games from big tournaments, including the  WTA and ATP tours, as well as the US Open Tennis. It also has a smart algorithm that learns what you like to offer recommendations on the home screen.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

4. SuperSport

SuperSport apps live tennis

Image: App Store

SuperSport is a decent option if you want to watch live tennis, although it’s not that well-known. It’s entirely free to use, which makes its unintuitive UI more tolerable. To use the app, the user needs to create an account, which can be a downside to some.

You can follow your favorite teams and tournaments to personalize the content you get. It also provides quick updates of scores, results, and standings so you know how the matches are going. It also provides quick updates of scores, results, and standings so you know how the matches are going.

The app promises to be your personalized sports companion. To this end, you can customize real-time notifications so you get alerted about relevant news.

Download it now for iOS.

5. 365Scores


Image: App Store

365Scores is the best option to delve into the world of tennis. The app offers live broadcasts and live game notifications if you can’t watch a match.

In the app, you can follow your player thanks to features such as live tennis scores, sports news, and roster updates. There’s even in-match commentary so you can feel part of the action!

You’ll find a worldwide sports calendar in 365Scores, with full support for 10 sports and over 2000 competitions. This way, you’ll never miss a match of any sport you like.

Finally, it also automatically adjusts image quality so that, if your connection is slower, it doesn’t stutter, but if it can handle it, you can watch in the best quality.

Download it now for Android or iOS.



Image: App Store

To finish the selection of apps to watch live tennis, we have none other than ESPN. This is an extremely complete and well-known platform where you can get scores, news, and expert analyses, among many other features.

While the free version has some restrictions, the live broadcasts are included. You can also find ESPN Podcasts and ESPN Radio, which enhances the experience.

The paid version delivers live sports from the best leagues and teams in the world so you can stay on top of the matches. It also lets you watch exclusive ESPN+ originals.

Download it now for Android or iOS.

So, did you like our list of apps to watch live tennis?

Don’t go setting a bunch of alarms or creating events on your calendar to watch the matches. With the help of these apps, you can get notifications beforehand. And you can enjoy the comfort of keeping up to date about your favorite sport at any moment.


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