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5 apps to watch live soccer and feel like you’re at the stadium

Discover best apps to watch your favorite soccer team's matches live right at home


Every soccer fan’s dream is to watch every game live in the stadium, but we know that’s not always possible. For everyone’s delight, several apps with cutting-edge technologies focused on enhancing the users’ experiences and solving this issue are popping up. With that in mind, we’ve selected 5 apps to watch live soccer today and feel like you’re right there at the stadium.

In addition to having live broadcasts, these platforms have excellent-quality image and audio, ensuring you don’t miss any information. In some cases, all it takes is a good internet connection and free sign-up to enjoy these features.


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What are the best apps to watch live soccer?




Image: Google Play Store

The ESPN app delivers everything you need to watch live soccer. However, its features go far beyond broadcasting sports, as you can explore standings, news, and even expert analyses.

Going further, the TV network’s mobile platform is not limited to soccer. You can also keep track of and watch college tournaments and browse through other sports. The app currently features broadcasts of major leagues, such as the NFL, and covers all the games of the United States Men’s National Soccer Team.

The features included in the ESPN app instant news about what’s happening in the sports world, as well as player and team statistics, and live updates about soccer scores. You can personalize your experience to receive notifications about your favorite soccer teams.

For ESPN+ subscribers, the company’s streaming service, the app goes beyond. That’s because it includes thousands of live events, on-demand content, and much more. Download it now for Android or iOS.

2. CBS Sports App

CBS Sports App

Image: Google Play Store

What sets the CBS Sports App apart is its high level of customization. To achieve this, the app employs algorithms similar to those used in social networks.

As users navigate and express their preferences, the algorithm starts recommending content tailored to their interests. Consequently, you won’t have to spend time searching for information every time you use the app!

In terms of soccer games today, you can go beyond mere viewership with the CBS Sports app. It provides post-match coverage, updates on currently trending news, expert analyses, and even clips of specific plays.

So, if you miss a match by your favorite soccer club, you can open this app and explore the various tabs to stay informed. The best part? It’s available for free to all fans. Download it now for Android or iOS.

3. Fubo

Fubo apps live soccer

Image: Google Play Store

Fubo is one of the main TV streaming services in the market, offering over 350 channels for users to browse through. This app serves as an alternative to cable television, as it allows you to navigate from any device and anywhere.

Specifically, Fubo broadcasts the Soccer World Cup playoff, including both the US Men’s Soccer and the US Women’s Soccer, among others. Other than soccer, it also streams other sports leagues such as the NBA, NHL, and MLB during their regular seasons.

During the breaks in matches, users can explore different channels to watch movies, series, and live programs. However, Fubo is a paid service with various subscription plans.

The plans start at $24.99 per month, but to unlock all features, you need the Premier plan, which costs $74.99 per month. Before paying anything, you can test the platform for free for 7 days. Download it now for Android or iOS

4. TSN

TSN apps live soccer

Image: Google Play Store

A Canadian TV network has also joined the streaming market through the TSN App. In this process, the network consolidated 600 sporting events broadcast in its 5 channels into one place.

Soccer fans can watch broadcasts in different leagues, including the UEFA Champions League and the Soccer World Cup, among others.

Along with these live broadcasts, the app also includes other events from the network’s programming. Thus, it offers both pre and post-match coverage, player interviews, and programs featuring expert commentary.

For the die-hard fans looking for more, there’s the possibility of subscribing to TSN+ to get access to exclusive matches and on-demand videos. The other features the app offers include live scores, news, customizable scoreboards, standings, and even match predictions. Download it now for Android.

5. NBC Sports

NBC Sports apps live soccer

Image: Google Play Store

The app from the American network NBC is not behind its competitors. It particularly stands out due to the ease of navigating through its minimalistic interface.

As a result of a partnership between NBC and Adobe, this is one of the apps compatible with the most devices. This includes all smartphones, but also Apple TV and Roku TV devices.

Other features include soccer highlights, interaction with other users, and access to players’ exclusive interviews. Download it now on your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

So, did you like our list of the best apps to watch live soccer?

Stop suffering from dubious broadcasts when trying to watch your favorite soccer club play. With these apps, you’ll have access to what’s best in image and sound quality so you can cheer without issues. Download one of these options today and enjoy the matches from the comfort of your home.


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