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5 apps to watch MMA and other combat sports live from anywhere

Discover the best apps to watch MMA live and enjoy the thrill of the octagon


Die-hard MMA fans no longer need to try to catch important fights on TV, and we know that’s hard, considering when they’re broadcast. That’s because there are some great apps to watch MMA live, at any moment, no matter where you are, right from the palm of your hand.

Typically, these platforms cover different combat sports and even other types of sports, but many go further. For instance, some offer full replays of past fights, check athletes’ stats, and a lot more.


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What are the best apps to watch MMA live?

MMA is a diverse combat sport. This means that there’s no single best martial arts for MMA, although wrestling and jiu-jitsu are strong contenders in the sport. Still, nothing is stopping you from being successful in MMA practicing boxing or judo, for instance.


1. UFC: the official app

UFC apps live MMAImage: Google Play Store

Thinking of MMA without the UFC coming to mind is simply impossible, in part because this is the biggest organizer for events and fights in this sport. For the joy of fans, the company created an app where you can find all the information for the competitions in one spot.

It does offer some free features, such as reading the news and following recent updates regarding the sport. However, the platform is geared towards users who subscribe to the UFC Fight Pass, this organization’s exclusive streaming service for those who want to watch all fights more comfortably.

In all, it is quite an advantageous option for die-hard fans, especially due to its comprehensive features. After you subscribe, you can watch live events, access an extensive library of fights that includes classic events, and even enjoy its international partners’ catalog.

Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.


FITE apps live MMAImage: Google Play Store

FITE is one of the main global entertainment and combat sports platforms nowadays because it brings several different sports to the palm of fans’ hands. This way, it has fans of many fighting styles covered.

Specifically, users can watch live and on-demand fights on any screen. That’s because the app is compatible with phones and tablets, but it offers the possibility to cast to other devices, including TVs and digital projectors.

Through FITE, you can check the premium pay-per-view of channels like ESPN, Fox, and Impact Wrestling, among others, all without needing to jump through hoops to find the broadcasts on your TV providers’ programming. In all, it offers more than one thousand live events per year and over 10 thousand hours of on-demand programming.

Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

3. ONE Championship

ONE Championship Image: Google Play Store

Those who want to connect to the thrill of martial arts can explore ONE Championship. Although it has fights in the most diverse combat sports, it also offers interesting options for MMA fans looking for a good platform.

As such, the vast selection of features includes free access to select ONE Championship live events. However, this isn’t only one of the best apps to watch live MMA, as the event options cover press conferences, interviews, and real-time practices.

Additionally, the app offers the possibility of turning on notifications to get reminders about events and live broadcasts before they begin. If you want even more features, explore the videos tab to find an extensive catalog of clips, classic fights, and documentaries, or get updated in the news section.

Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

4. FloSports: Watch Live Sports

FloSports apps live MMAImage: Google Play Store

Other than being one of the best apps to watch MMA live, FloSports is one of the best multi-sports platforms around. In total, there are more than 25 sports you can view without limits, browsing through live coverage, highlight clips, and even replays.

When it comes to MMA, fans can check the live broadcasts right from their phone or tablet, as well as cast to TVs and other devices thanks to tools such as Chromecast. Further, the news and expert coverage enhance the experience for those seeking a more professional overview.

FloSports lets its users customize their experience by selecting their favorite sports, teams, and athletes to get notifications with specific news, which minimizes the user’s time spent within the platform. In addition, it’s an intuitive and easy-to-browse app that caters to the most diverse audiences.

Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

5. DAZN: Stream Live Sports

DAZN Image: Google Play Store

With the mission of becoming the best sports and entertainment platform in the world, DAZN offers the biggest choice of features. That’s an effort to cater to different audiences.

This way, MMA lovers can watch more than 50 fights per year through the company’s partnership with combat sports organizations, including Golden Boy and Matchroom. Other than live broadcasts, the content catalog includes varied on-demand videos, documentaries, and sports series for those who don’t want to be limited to fights.

Its comprehensive video portfolio includes exclusive interviews, fight highlights, and recordings made with special cameras to show the fight up close. In the match breaks, you can go ahead and watch the NBA basketball or the UEFA Women’s Champion League.

Download it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

So, did you like our list of the best apps to watch MMA live?

Whether you’re a statistics-loving fan or a fan who only wants to watch the fights, there are options for all tastes. So don’t suffer through alarms and paper calendars to set up your schedule for your days to watch the matches by using these technologies and enhancing your experience.


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