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Best apps to follow tennis events and tournaments

Discover the apps that are transforming the experience for tennis fans


The apps to follow tennis events and tournaments were developed for fans who don’t like to miss any event of their favorite sport. Besides, they can be used to review important plays and know the main news of tournaments involving the sport.

And if you like to follow your favorite player, know that with these apps you can set alerts for any topic involving your preferred players. And so you don’t miss any play, it is recommended that you use tennis tournament tracking apps to stay informed about the days and times of each game.


The tennis universe is changing

If you are a great tennis lover, you must have noticed that this universe is increasingly adapting to new technologies. For example, artificial intelligence has been used for game pattern analyses, identification of weaknesses, and strategy enhancement.

We cannot fail to mention the presence of virtual and augmented reality equipment in training. They help sport practitioners to train virtually anywhere. On the courts, a technology that has been widely used is the Internet of Things. On the field, it is useful for collecting precise data from matches.


And for you who are immersed in this universe, you already know that a not-so-new technology is the tennis tournaments and events apps, the theme of this article. Although they are not new, they continue to be useful for you who do not want to miss any detail of the sport. So, let’s talk about the main names in this area.

USTA Tennis 

 USTA Tennis events and tournamentsImage: Play Store   

With USTA Tennis, you stay on top of all tournaments and events about the sport. If you are a tennis player, you can use the app to connect with other players and practice. You can also see which locations are accepting candidates to play in tournaments and register.

By using USTA Tennis, you stay informed about the most recent results in leagues and also national rankings. So you don’t get lost in your organization, the tool provides a calendar, where you can manage all the games you want to watch and follow.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.


ATP WTA tennis events and tournamentsImage: Play Store

With ATP WTA, you know firsthand where tennis tornados and winds are happening. But, if for some reason you can’t go, don’t worry, because the app broadcasts live the main matches. In addition, it publishes all the scores, highlights, and statistics.

For those who like to follow the updates of the tennis universe, know that this task is facilitated with the TP WTA, as it provides a feed with the main news of the sport. Download the app to not miss out on what will happen in the next event, including details of player repêchage.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.


UTR tennis events and tournamentsImage: Play Store

UTR is an important name in the universe of tennis tournaments and events apps. It connects players with global ranking systems, level-based games, leagues, teams, and analyses. Besides, you can use the app to find people, build a tennis community, and hold fun competitions.

It is important to say that UTR not only allows you to follow, but also participate in college tennis matches. In this sense, it creates scores based on your player skills. But if you just like to admire a good game, use the app to know where amateur matches are happening.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.


TennisGroups Image: Play Store

TennisGroups is one of the most important names for tennis communities. It is a complete app, where you have access to a feed with the main news of your favorite player, private lessons to practice your shots, and you can also register for major events and tennis tournaments.

If you like to follow the matches personally, you can subscribe to TennisGroups’ agenda to receive a notification when your team will play near you. Another important feature of the platform is the chat room that you can use to talk with other app users and form a community. Who knows, a tennis match might come from that!

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Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.


TNNS Image: Play Store

If you like to follow tennis tournaments and events, but don’t have time to do this tracking personally, TNNS is the ideal app for you. In it, you can keep up with all the scores, results, and rankings of your favorite tennis player.

With TNNS, you also have the advantage of watching videos of the main tennis matches. And if your problem to watch the games in person is just the distance from them, know that you can enjoy live broadcasts of events and with quality, just by downloading this app on your smartphone

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.


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