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10 amazing tips for beginners in volleyball

This guide will help you turn every touch into a successful play


If you like action-packed sports that involve athletic skills, teamwork, and a bit of strategy, volleyball is a great choice. Mastering its fundamentals is essential for success. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide with 10 amazing tips for beginners in volleyball.

Did you know that volleyball is one of the most played sports in the world? That’s right! With about 935 million people playing it, it’s a very accessible sport, as it doesn’t require expensive equipment, and it’s easy to learn and play, which explains why so many people love this activity.


Why volleyball?

Volleyball is a group sport that requires a lot of movement and concentration, making it a very complete exercise. As it is aerobic, it also improves cardiovascular endurance. And it doesn’t stop there, this active sport helps to burn calories and keep weight under control.

Studies also prove that volleyball helps to relieve stress and improve mood. An interesting bonus about the sport is that it helps promote social interaction and the formation of new friendships. Want to enjoy all these benefits of volleyball? Then check out the following tips:


1. Warm-up and stretch like a professional

Before stepping on the court, prioritize a dynamic warm-up routine that prepares your muscles for the demands of the game. Focus on stretching major muscle groups, especially shoulders and legs, to increase flexibility, prevent injuries, and optimize performance.

2. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is very important for performing well in the game and feeling good in general. So, drink water regularly, because it will help maintain your temperature balanced, lubricate joints, and ensure that you are at your best physically. Oh, and make water your partner before, during, and after training or games to avoid dehydration.

3. Communicate with confidence

Effective communication on the court is essential for a winning volleyball team. Therefore, communicate clearly so that your teammates understand your intentions when indicating your position or calling the ball. Good communication promotes teamwork and elevates the overall game experience.

4. Master the pass, set, and attack 

Master the pass, set, and attack tips volleyball beginnersImage: Pexels

Good performance in the three main things – pass, set, and attack – is the basis for doing well in volleyball. Train the right ways to pass the ball, creating a solid foundation for receiving it. In setting, learn to position your hands and make controlled movements to pass the ball accurately to your teammates. When attacking, focus on how to position yourself, jump, and hit the ball to achieve maximum strength and precision.

5. Respect the court

After a point ends, roll the ball under the net instead of throwing it over. This demonstrates sportsmanship and avoids potential injuries. Don’t forget that throwing the ball can result in warnings or even penalties, such as disqualifications.

6. Serve with precision

The precision of the serve is important to set the tone of the game. In this sense, start by mastering basic serves, so that the ball consistently crosses the net. As your skills develop, study advanced techniques like jump or float serves. However, always prioritize the correct form of serving, not giving up a controlled throw and a stable posture.

7. Accurate pass

The pass is the first line of defense, making accuracy fundamental. Practice techniques like keeping your knees bent, hands together, and forearms forming a solid platform. Consistent practice improves comfort and skill in passing, so you’re ready to handle any attack received.

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8. Accurate set 

 Accurate set tips volleyball beginnersImage: Pexels

Another of the amazing tips for beginners in volleyball is the accurate set, which creates scoring opportunities. Focus on techniques like staying under the ball, placing your hands above your head with your fingertips on your forehead, and delivering the ball to a designated target. Even non-setters should practice the set to improve team dynamics and flexibility.

9. Accurate attack

Undoubtedly, to achieve accuracy in the attack you need a combination of footwork, jump, and hitting techniques. Therefore, seek guidance from experienced players or coaches to refine these elements and develop a consistent attack movement.

10. Strategic touch

Strategically touching the ball can disrupt the opposing defense and create scoring opportunities. Identify openings on the court and aim to place the ball between blockers and the back of the court. Deceptive moves, like mimicking an attack, can further confuse the opposing team.

Making the Most of Volleyball

By following these amazing tips for beginners in volleyball, you’ll be ready to excel in this sport and contribute to your team’s success.


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