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Play Soccer Better with These 5 Tips

Check out this complete guide to improve your game. Discover strategies and techniques that will guide you towards the goal!


If you enjoy kicking a ball around, you will greatly benefit from our tips on how to play soccer better. You’ll understand that training hard is just the beginning of going pro in this sport.

To stand out in this field, you shouldn’t limit yourself to training sessions that occur once or twice a week, as what you do between training sessions counts a lot. So, come with us to discover the best tips for becoming a soccer star.


Keep an eye on the rules

It’s no use looking for tips to play soccer better without knowing the main rules of the sport. After all, you might be a great striker, but if you keep getting carded every time you step onto the field, you’ll never be able to showcase your skills. In this regard, we’ve listed some mistakes you should never make:

  • Holding the ball with your hands, unless you’re the goalkeeper.
  • You can’t physically assault your opponent in any way. Remember, you’re playing soccer, not MMA.
  • Avoid unsportsmanlike conduct, such as faking to deceive the referee, provoking opponents, or delaying the restart of the game.
  • Never hold onto your opponent.

Now that this part is clear, let’s give you five tips to play soccer better.


1. Work on your physical conditioning

You can only play soccer without improving your physical conditioning on your smartphone or videogame. So, get off your couch and start running. If you’re completely sedentary, begin with walks, until you feel comfortable making faster movements. The important thing is to start, but always responsibly.

A tip for taking the first steps is to walk one or two kilometers twice a week. And faster than you imagine, you’ll be running and having a physique to be a fast player on the field. Moreover, conditioning exercises are very important for your body to recover more quickly from injuries.

2. Find your position on the field

Find your position on the field play soccer betterImage: Pexels

A very important tip for you to play soccer better is: find your position on the field. After all, without this knowledge, you won’t be able to work on your individual skills to show all you’re capable of doing. To identify the ideal place for you to play, practice self-awareness.

For example, if you’re someone who can run a lot and has agility, you might play in more advanced positions, like a winger. Now, if you’re more of a strategist, you might identify better as a midfielder. Having these notions will help you understand your best position on the field.

3. Practice

After you discover what position to play, it’s time to work on your skills. Practicing is very important for you to master your dominant foot, but also to strategize with your non-dominant foot. A tip for developing your talent in this area is to work with cones distributed over 10 meters.

Activities with these objects will help you move better in open environments and achieve perfect dribbles. But not just that. Dribbling around cones will be a differential for you to have greater concentration on the field, as well as to play with your head up, not looking down.

4. Understand that mistakes are part of the game

If you want to learn to play soccer better, you need to prepare your mind to understand that mistakes are part of the game. Without accepting this, you won’t be able to move forward. It’s natural to make mistakes when starting a new activity, and these should not be seen as a setback, but as an opportunity to evaluate what you’re doing wrong.

Every time you make a mistake, you can assess the situation in which it occurred so that you can perform better in the next match when faced with a similar scenario. Moreover, failures on the field will help you better direct your training, as they clearly highlight what needs improvement.

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5. Develop individual skills 

Develop individual skills Image: Pexels

To stand out, you need to develop individual skills in soccer. Study different types of dribbles, for example, to have a good repertoire and be able to deceive your opponents. Also, don’t be afraid to control the ball, as this skill can help you in challenging situations where you need to make a goal from a difficult pass.

Do specific training to focus on your acceleration and quick change of direction when you have the ball at your feet. This way, you can confuse your opponents and get closer to scoring a goal.

And of course, we can’t talk about skill development without mentioning accurate finishing. To achieve this, practice different types of shots, such as short and long-distance kicks.

Be the best in soccer!

Want to level up in soccer? Then follow the tips we’ve shared in this content! Don’t forget to train ball control and practice passing and dribbling. And of course, don’t neglect the basics and dedicate at least 30 minutes of your day to training.


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