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Discover the Best Accessories to Play Soccer

Learn about the accessories that make all the difference on the soccer field


If you’re one of those passionate about soccer and want to practice the world’s most played sport, you need to know what the basic equipment and accessories you need to play this sport are.

To start in soccer, you need to focus on what is important to keep things safe. This way, when you go to the field, you will be prepared to show off all your talent.


Prepare in Every Way

Before knowing which items are important for you to start playing soccer, you need to understand that physical and mental preparation is very important. After all, it’s no use “being in style” if your body doesn’t have the strength, agility, and endurance to face a match on the field.

So, don’t forget to train through specific programs that will help you adapt to the intense runs and variety of movements you need to make when playing. Also, take care of your mind so that you can make quick and strategic decisions that can be decisive for your match.


Now, it’s time to get to know the necessary equipment and accessories to play soccer.


Ball Image:

Of course, the first item on our list is the ball, the soul of soccer. When choosing yours, you need to take into account its material. If you prefer a leather ball, you will have a material that lasts a long time, but if you want a ball resistant to weather conditions, consider one made of synthetic material.

Also, check the size and weight of the ball, especially if you are going to play in professional games. It needs to follow a standard and be between 68 cm and 70 cm in circumference, and weigh between 410g and 450g. Don’t forget to also check the internal air chambers of the ball you are going to buy. See if the material is rubber or latex to have a good impact response.

A recommended ball that meets FIFA standards is the Brisko USA Footy Soccer Ball Size 5


Cleats accessories play soccerImage:

Among the necessary equipment and accessories for playing soccer, cleats are essential. When analyzing their material, see which will best suit your profile. For example, leather cleats adapt more easily to your feet, helping you have a better touch on the ball. Synthetic ones, on the other hand, are often lighter and may have waterproof properties.

Another point to consider is the field where you will play. If the space is composed of natural grass, it will require cleats with studs. However, if the field is artificial or has hard surfaces, choose a flat sole or with short studs.

A cleat that offers support, traction, durability, comfort, and style is the Kikaluo Soccer Cleats Football

Shin Guards 

Shin Guards accessories play soccerImage:

Knowing that safety is very important in soccer matches, we cannot fail to mention shin guards. They should be used to protect the front of your leg. Therefore, ensure they have adequate coverage and a good layer of protection.

However, this does not mean that you should invest in heavy material. While the shin guard needs to be sturdy, it is also important that it is light and comfortable. This way, it won’t hinder your performance on the field. Also, make sure the material has adjustable attachment systems for the most comfortable use possible.

A shin guard that combines protection and comfort for you is the LPONJAR Soccer Shin Guards


Jersey Image:

Indeed, we can’t talk about necessary equipment and accessories for playing soccer without mentioning jerseys. In this area, focus on fabrics that allow air circulation so you don’t feel unwell while on the field. A good suggestion is polyester fabrics.

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But avoid choosing heavy jerseys. They can restrict your movements on the field. And of course, avoid wearing jerseys that are too large. While very tight ones are not ideal because they can be uncomfortable, large ones can make it easy for your opponent to grab them.

A suggestion for a jersey with all these characteristics are those developed by Liberty Pro.


Socks accessories play soccerImage:

Our list of the accessories you need to play soccer ends with the famous socks. Before buying this equipment, check if it is made of synthetic materials like polyester and elastane. This will ensure that you are buying a durable, resistant item capable of handling the wear and tear of each match.

In addition, quality socks should allow adequate ventilation to keep your feet dry during the game. After all, you don’t want to shine on the field feeling the discomfort of moisture accumulation in your feet. For even higher quality, choose socks that have compression areas to improve muscle support and your blood circulation.

A good option for soccer socks for your game is the Nxtrnd XTD Scrunch.  

Ready to Enter the Field?

Soccer is a sport that demands a lot from your body and mind. Therefore, it’s important to be physically and mentally prepared to face a match. Besides, you need to have the right equipment and accessories to ensure your safety and performance on the field.

The basic items we highlighted are important for playing soccer, and you should never forget to choose the right equipment for your profile and for the type of field you will play on. With the right choices, you’ll have no trouble showing all your potential.


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