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The Most Unbelievable Tennis Records

Impressive plays and historic moments: see the greatest tennis records.


Tennis is a sport full of incredible stories. Various players have left their mark, achieving feats that have become difficult to surpass. If you’re a big fan of this sport, you’ll enjoy learning about some interesting facts about the greatest tennis records.

Before we proceed, it’s good to remember what the ATP is. This association takes care of men’s tennis championships and establishes world rankings for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, such as the Grand Slams, which are the most important tournaments, according to the ATP, and take place in various parts of the world throughout the year.


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Tennis is a sport that has always been linked to culture and fun. It is the stage for epic moments, such as the conquest of historic titles by legendary athletes. Moreover, it plays an important role in diplomacy, bringing together athletes from different countries in international competitions.


In this article, in addition to knowing the greatest tennis records, you will also learn some curiosities about the history behind these events and, who knows, you might be inspired to create your own milestones in the sport.

Highest Prize Money

Serbian Novak Djokovic won his seventh ATP Finals title in 2023. The tennis player took home a prize of $4.41 million by defeating Jannik Sinner. He broke his annual earnings record set in 2015. Djokovic has accumulated $180.6 million, summing up all the prizes, being this the highest amount in the history of tennis.

Youngest Number 1 in Tennis History

Carlos Alcaraz, at 19 years old, was the guy who broke the bank in 2022. He became the youngest tennis player in ATP history to reach number 1 in the rankings and also took home his first Grand Slam title. The young man is on top of the world and joined the select group of four Spaniards who reached the top of the world in tennis.

Most Finals Without Ever Winning One

Julien Benneteau cannot be proud of his record. The French tennis player, who has ended his career, reached 10 finals over his 18 years as a professional in tennis. However, the tricky part is that he couldn’t win any of them. Even so, Benneteau can consider himself the best male player to never win an individual title.

Most Lost Grand Slam Finals

Tatiana Golovin, unfortunately, also achieved a not-so-positive record. She participated in seven Grand Slam finals. However, she had no victories. This makes Govolin the tennis player who reached the finals of the tournament without winning any.

Most Consecutive Grand Slam Titles

Still talking about Grand Slams, Australian Margaret Court is the queen of sequences. She holds the record for consecutive titles, with four tournaments in a row at three different times: in 1963, 1965, and 1970.

Most Consecutive Years in the Top 10

American tennis player Chris Evert is the queen of the top 10. She was among the top ten in the world for 332 weeks, between 1975 and 1986. This is a record that will probably never be broken.

Won the Grand Slam Twice in the Same Year

Rod Laver, who has hung up his racquets, is seen by many as the greatest tennis player of all time. And not without reason. He has 11 Grand Slam titles and is the only player to have won the tournament twice in different years, first in 1962 and then in 1969. Undoubtedly, a phenomenon! Moreover, he was one of the first players to turn professional, and his feats are simply unbelievable.

Most Grand Slam Doubles Titles

The unbeatable partnership of Margaret Court and Billie Jean King on the court is impressive. Together, they won no less than 20 Grand Slam titles in women’s doubles, with 11 victories at Wimbledon, six at the US Open, two at Roland Garros, and one at the Australian Open.

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Longest Tennis Match in History

The match between French Nicolas Mahut and American John Isner at the 2010 Wimbledon Tournament was simply unbelievable. For example, it lasted no less than 11 hours and 5 minutes, spread over three days. The game had pauses because of darkness and rain. The fifth set, which lasted 8 hours and 11 minutes, went down in history as the longest set ever played in the sport.

Most Aces in Tennis History

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Croatian Ivo Karlovic is the tennis player with the most aces in the history of tennis, totaling 14,411 aces in his career. Karlovic was known for his powerful serves, reaching a speed of 251 km/h (156 mph).

Did You Enjoy Learning About the Greatest Tennis Records?

Tennis is a sport full of records, achieved by players at all levels. The feats of these athletes are an inspiration to all who practice the sport and show how challenging it can be.

Some records, like that of Novak Djokovic, who is the tennis player with the most prize money in history, are difficult to surpass. Others, like that of Julien Benneteau, who reached 10 finals without ever winning one, are more curious. Regardless of whether they are positive or negative, the feats in tennis are an important part of the sport’s history.


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