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Follow Hockey Tournaments with These 6 Apps!

Enjoy the Best of the Sport Anywhere.


Want to watch the most thrilling hockey tournaments and matches? Does the battle for the title on the ice stop your heart for a few moments? Look no further! The apps on this list are what you need.

Thanks to mobile devices, everything has become more accessible for people of all social classes and ages. And cheaper, too. Instead of spending fortunes on cable channels, why not watch what you want, when you want? Just have a stable internet connection and a functioning smartphone.


Why Watch Hockey Tournaments on a Smartphone?

Don’t think that using a cellphone is just for watching your favorite matches live. There are several other benefits behind it:

  • More Personalization: You don’t have to search for long until you find what you want. Just use the app’s search engine to find what you’re looking for. Plus, you can favorite hockey tournaments and events to watch them at the right time or later.
  • Watch Offline: If it’s a past broadcast, you can download and watch it at a later time.
  • More Freedom: Watch matches that won’t be broadcast on open TV or even on the cable channels you have. Online broadcasts tend to be more flexible in this regard.

Apps to Watch Hockey Tournaments

Time for downloads. Don’t forget to check if your smartphone has enough memory to run streaming apps; if it’s crammed full of useless things, it might be a good idea to free up space before.


YouTube TV 


Google Play [DOWNLOAD

YouTube TV hockey tournamentsImage: Play Store 

YouTube TV is a Google service specialized in on-demand programming. You can record your favorite hockey games to watch later and access the app on various devices.

If you’re not near your smartphone, simply log in on a computer or smart TV. There are over 100 networks available for you to enjoy, including major sports broadcasters.

It’s a great service, with a wide variety of features and integrations with other platforms, like YouTube Music. However, the cost of its subscription tends to be a bit more expensive compared to other options on this list.



Google Play [DOWNLOAD

ESPN+ hockey tournamentsImage: Play Store

It’s impossible to be a true hockey fan without having heard of ESPN. The world’s most well-known and respected sports broadcaster has a powerful mobile app.

Its interface is clean and quite pleasant, very similar to other competitors in the streaming universe. It’s an excellent option for watching hockey games outside your local market.

Like YouTube TV, you can also access the service on various other devices, such as laptops and smart TVs. If you’re looking to watch games outside your region, ESPN+ is probably one of the best choices on this list.



Google Play [DOWNLOAD

DGO hockey tournamentsImage: Play Store

The DIRECTV GO app changed to DGO some time ago, but the range of channels remains quite interesting. The company offers a great range of regional sports channels; with this, you can watch various hockey games in different regions.

An interesting feature of the service is the support for DVR. However, the price of DGO tends to be a bit high, which may deter some subscribers.

But before discarding this option, try the service and see if it meets your needs.



Google Play [DOWNLOAD

Hulu hockey tournamentsImage: Play Store

Looking for an accessible and high-quality streaming service? Hulu definitely should be on your radar. It includes about 90 live TV channels, such as sports and news, in addition to offering thousands of other on-demand options for all tastes.

Setting up the app is quite simple: it only takes a few minutes in front of the smartphone or smart TV to learn to do a little bit of everything. There are no hidden fees or catches – and this should be the standard in the market, truth be told.

There are various distinct plans for you to explore. Some offer only live TV with or without ads, while others provide unrestricted access to the content library. It’s up to you to decide which is the most advantageous option.


FuboTV Image: Play Store


Google Play [DOWNLOAD

FuboTV is a direct competitor to Hulu. The service also offers access to over 90 live channels, including established sports portals. ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN, and many others are part of the app’s lineup.

There are several interesting plans that should be considered: Pro, Elite, Premier, and Latino. Each has different features and you should consider which fits best within your needs (and your budget, of course).

Read more: Watch live hockey and play games with these apps

Its interface is quite simple and clean, like most streaming apps out there. It also allows you to favorite content so you can watch it whenever you want.



Google Play [DOWNLOAD

SlingTV Image: Play Store

Finally, this excellent streaming app provides basically the same as the last two: over 90 live TV channels, including the most established ones when it comes to sports. Hockey is, of course, included.

Varied plans have become a trend among these services – and SlingTV is no exception. Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange & Blue are the available options: check which one meets your needs before swiping your credit card.

Additionally, the app has cloud DVR so you can record your favorite matches. This is a very interesting differentiator, especially if you want to watch a live tournament but don’t have time to follow it at the same time.

Which App Will You Choose?

There are many options, right? This list could be even longer, but the goal is not to cause confusion, but to simplify your life.

Remember that all the apps mentioned are paid; choose the one that best fits your profile and feed your love for hockey, wherever you are.


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