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The Greatest Records in Cricket! 

Who will be the next legend?


Just like in any global sport, cricket has great names who hold some amazing records in its hall of fame. Great achievements have been reached through a lot of effort, dedication, and of course, talent mixed with a passion for the sport.

The featured photo in this publication is of none other than Sir Donald Bradman, one of the greatest legends of cricket of all time. The quality of the image, for obvious reasons, is not so good due to the era in which he played; however, his achievements translate exactly the opposite.


Of course, he will not be the only one mentioned. Many other athletes have reached historical milestones and some of them have not been surpassed by anyone to this day.

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Image: Cricket Australia 


Impressive Cricket Records

Incredibly Accurate Batting

Sir Donald Bradman needs to be mentioned again because this achievement was immortalized by the Australian. His test match batting average is an impressive 99.94! Can you imagine the level of precision and reflex this athlete had?

Many experts believe that this mark is practically unbreakable. It’s unlikely humanity will see another batsman with such competence and talent.

Don Bradman was born in 1908 in Cootamundra, Australia and is still revered today as one of the greatest names in cricket. He passed away in 2001, but his memory will never be forgotten.

The Highest Run Scorer in Test Matches

The Indian Sachin Tendulkar has a very strong name in the cricket universe. He stood out as the highest run scorer in test matches worldwide, with 15,921 runs.

Additionally, he also achieved 100 international centuries – something no other player has done. At least until today.

Patience and Perseverance

Time to be impressed with the peace of mind of British Sir Leonard Hutton. He faced “only” 847 balls in a single test entry against Australia. Imagine the degree of muscle endurance and emotional balance needed to achieve this goal.

No other player has come close to this historic mark. Truth be told, something so tiring and stressful is certainly not sought after by most people. But it’s impressive, in any case.

The Longest Innings in History

Imagine facing the ball for 970 minutes (around 16 hours). That’s what the Pakistani Hanif Mohammad managed in a match against the West Indies in 1958. Since then, no test cricket innings has been so lengthy, and this is one of the records unlikely to be broken.

Hanif Mohammad cricket records

Hanif Mohammad. Imagem: Dawn 

Physical endurance and concentration were more than necessary during this intense match. Could you withstand so much time in that situation on the field?

Most Runs in T20 Matches

Chris Gayle, a professional player from the West Indies, recorded an impressive record: more than 13,000 runs in Twenty20 matches. It makes sense for him to be on this list. Gayle is known for being quite aggressive (in a positive way, of course!) on the field and had powerful sixes.

Cricket World Cup Record

Once again, the Indian Sachin Tendulkar achieved a great feat. He managed to score 673 runs in the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Unlike many other players, Tendulkar always proved to be consistent.

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Record for Wickets in Test Matches

The record of 800 wickets in test matches was achieved by Muttiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka. He was known to all as one of the greatest spin bowlers; his legendary technique is replicated by various athletes around the globe.

Currently, Muralitharan works as a coach for the Sunrisers Hyderabad team. He was invited in 2015 and has been doing great services to this day.

Most Runs in a Single ODI Innings

In a single One Day International innings, the Indian Rohit Sharma managed to score 264 runs. This happened in 2014 and no one has ever been able to beat such an aggressive record.

Highest Individual Score in Test

Can you imagine being able to score 400 runs in a single test innings? That’s what Brian Lara of Trinidad and Tobago managed in 2004 against England.

No other player has achieved an individual score in test matches close to this. And there are plenty of reasons for that, right?

The Most Controversial Moment in Cricket

It’s not exactly a record, but a highly unfortunate situation that occurred during the 1996 Cricket World Cup. It happened during a quarter-final match between Sri Lanka and England.

During the game, there was an interruption due to rain. To determine the target score for England, the Duckworth-Lewis rule was activated – which is still controversial to this day.

Thanks to this controversial decision-making, Sri Lankan fans invaded the field. To worsen the situation, the British team refused to continue the match, as the field would be impracticable for the game. However, the umpire disagreed with the request and ordered that the game continue normally.

In the end, Sri Lanka won by default, since the English refused to play. As expected, both fan bases fiercely disagreed. This match is remembered by cricket enthusiasts as one of the most controversial in history.

Knowledge is Power in Cricket

Understanding the context behind the sport is essential to build a sense of belonging on the field. Cricket has a very rich and interesting history.

Despite the history behind the game not being so recent, it’s certain that other legends will emerge in the coming years; cricket is especially strong in Asia and the records do not let this information go unnoticed. Dedication and resilience are two characteristics that mark the population present on the continent.

However, this does not mean that this centuries-old art cannot be appreciated in other places. Just have the right equipment, train a lot, and watch professional matches to understand how it all works. Learning from the best is always a great idea, right?

The power of observation has no limits.


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