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Want to Learn Volleyball? It’s Time to Download These Apps

Novices, gather here in this space!


Do you want to learn volleyball, but don’t know where to start? The idea of hiring expensive instructors doesn’t appeal to you? There are several incredible mobile apps for you to study, learn, and evolve your technique.

It’s been some time since the way people learn has changed. The practicality and immense capacity for social inclusion of mobile devices are largely responsible for this revolution. You can also be part of this change.


Before downloading…

It’s important to remember: do a complete check-up with a doctor before starting any physical activity. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or younger person. Taking care of your well-being is essential to ensure unparalleled quality of life.

Additionally, it’s important to buy quality equipment. Volleyball is a high-impact sport; avoid serious injuries and, above all, have fun!


Apps to Learn Volleyball

You don’t need a super-powerful smartphone to learn the sport. Basic and intermediate devices are more than sufficient for this.

Just make sure you have enough internal space to install and run the apps as best as possible.




KLEVR learn volleyball

Image: App Store

The only major flaw of this app is that, at least for now, it doesn’t have an Android version; however, the link above is precisely for you to press the company to increase its compatibility.

This powerful mobile app has highly personalized training that help its users learn various sports – including volleyball, obviously. Record parts of your training and receive feedback to correct your mistakes and learn new techniques.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced athlete. The award-winning KLEVR has training options for everyone. Just have the right equipment and enjoy the best that the world of volleyball has to offer.

Moreover, you can talk with thousands of other players around the world. It also works as a powerful social network that connects athletes with common passions. Interesting, right?

Volleyball Challenge 


Google Play [DOWNLOAD]

Volleyball Challenge learn volleyball

Believe it: playing is also educational, especially when it comes to volleyball. Volleyball Challenge was developed by Simplicity Games and, despite its cute and colorful graphics, acts as a quite competent simulator of the sport.

Beginners need not worry. A very explanatory tutorial shows how to jump, hit the ball, and perform perfect serves. The basic mechanics of the sport are all in it and the realism behind the physics is really impressive for an indie title.

Superpowers can be used to gain an advantage over your opponents. Obviously, this kind of functionality is outside the rulebook of any serious championship – but that doesn’t matter in this case, does it?!

Customize your characters visually, as well as improve them over time with upgrades. The game is free and has a lot to offer volleyball players, especially in moments of rest.



Google Play [DOWNLOAD

wikiHow learn volleyball

The “Wikipedia of tutorials” has a great mobile app, with tens of millions of lessons on all kinds of things – including established sports, like volleyball, obviously.

One of the coolest features of this platform is that it offers various images to illustrate the plays and movements, which certainly facilitates learning. In addition, it is a completely free option. You don’t need to spend any money to learn everything on wikiHow.

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However, it is worth mentioning that, as it is a simpler solution in terms of interactivity, there is no way to clarify doubts with professional coaches in a personalized manner. For that, some degree of investment will be necessary.

Coach Tactic Board: Volley


Google Play [DOWNLOAD

Coach Tactic Board: Volley

BLUELINDEN knows how to produce easy, light, and intuitive apps for coaches. This explains why hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world have downloaded and trust Coach Tactic Board: Volley to manage their teams and achieve victory.

Users passionate about classic team management boards will certainly love this app. It’s possible to create tactics and training through dozens of different drawing tools, as well as assets like cones and other objects for greater customization.

In addition, you can create fully customized names and photos for each player, inserting detailed statistics about each of them.

You can use this software on both smartphones and tablets, whichever is more practical for you during matches. The important thing is to never take your eyes off your team, learn from mistakes, and bring home the victory!

Essential Tips

Do you want to learn volleyball the right way? Follow these tips and play like a true professional:

  • Exercise regularly: It’s not enough just to play to stay in shape. Your performance will become much better through weight training, running, and other workouts. Plus, physical conditioning helps prevent injuries.
  • Watch professional games: Instead of just focusing on what your coach says, try watching the best on TV or the internet.
  • Study rules and tactics: Volleyball is a complex game, with various rules and norms that must be respected on the court. Study them calmly and practice frequently so you don’t forget them.
  • Borrow equipment: Before buying everything necessary to play, how about borrowing from a friend first? Find out if the sport is right for you or if your path should be paved differently.

Lastly, but no less important: have fun! Volleyball, like any other sport, can be passionate and lead you to live a healthier and more enjoyable life. Besides, physical exercise is an excellent way to reduce everyday stress and improve sleep.

As Bernardinho, one of the most famous volleyball coaches of the Brazilian team, once said, “Winning is not everything, but giving everything for victory is the only thing that matters.”


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