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Cricket Equipment: Everything You Need is Here!

Dressing appropriately for the occasion is essential, after all.


Ready to play one of Asia’s most popular sports the right way? Cricket is a complex and engaging sport that requires some equipment to be fully enjoyed.

There are many items you need to add to your list. Do you know what they are? Don’t worry. Everything will be listed here for your convenience. It’s important that nothing interrupts your experience.


Prepare your credit card, do a warm-up before entering the field, and beat your opponents in a friendly and respectful competition.

Write down what you need to buy

Before providing the links, here are the necessary equipment for playing cricket:


  • Cricket Ball (made of cork and covered with leather);
  • Bat (choose according to your size);
  • Stumps and Bails;
  • Boundary Flags;
  • Sight Screen;
  • White Shirt (used in first-class matches and clubs);
  • Trousers (can be colored);
  • Spike Shoes;
  • Helmet;
  • Protectors (abdominal, suspensory, thigh, and chest);
  • Gloves and pads (protecting the batsman’s legs);
  • Cricket Bag (to carry all equipment comfortably and safely).

Ready? Time to go shopping!

Basic Cricket Equipment

adidas Cricket XT 5.0 Batting Gloves 

adidas XT 5.0 Batting Gloves Image:

These gloves are very comfortable and durable, like virtually all Adidas products. It offers breaks in several sections to ensure mobility and comfort, even after several minutes of intense play.

To provide better ventilation, the back of the glove has a reinforced mesh finish. This keeps your hands freer and more comfortable for much longer.

Its price is not exactly low, but it is an impressively high-quality product, designed for the long term.

SS Kashmir Cricket Bat 

SS Kashmir Cricket Bat cricket equipmentImage:

A good cricket player needs a good bat. The SS Kashmir is an excellent choice for those looking for something durable with a great balance between weight and mobility.

It is suitable for club matches and international combinations, being one of the main choices for intermediate users. Its handle has great grip, meaning the item won’t easily slip from your hands.

It weighs around 1.25kg, which is quite light compared to most cricket bats worldwide. Children and teenagers can take advantage of this feature.

SG Blaze Cricket Premium Hat 

SG Blaze Cricket Premium Hat cricket equipmentImage:

Protecting your head is essential in cricket. This helmet is quite affordable, light, and comfortable. It’s common to find it on sale online, as the brand is well-known in major e-commerce platforms.

Its lightweight polypropylene construction ensures plenty of protection against collisions, but without compromising comfort during tiring matches. The straps are fully customizable; don’t forget to tighten the helmet before the games.

CBB Cricket Wicket Stumps 

CBB Cricket Wicket Stumps cricket equipmentImage:

These high-quality stumps are fully autonomous. Therefore, they can be used on any cricket field without any problems. Besides, they are fully portable, making them an excellent option for those seeking greater mobility.

Place them on concrete, grass, dirt, or any other flat surface to play your matches. It’s important to mention, however, that the stumps are fixed to the wooden base; therefore, they cannot be removed.

The set includes 3 stumps and 2 bails polished on a wooden base. A very elegant and traditional finish, as the sport should be.

SS Cricket Match Premium Leg Guards 

SS Cricket Match Premium Leg Guards cricket equipmentImage:

Properly protecting your legs is very important to prevent injuries. With this in mind, SS has developed professional-quality pads for its products. Its dual-density foam layer ensures that your protection won’t compromise mobility on the field.

To avoid wear and tear, the instep is covered in PVC, a material quite resistant against the test of time. In addition, a long-lasting tubing has been designed to provide several years of good service to athletes.

DSC Beamer Cricket Shoes 

DSC Beamer Shoes Image:

This beautiful pair of spiked cricket shoes is ideal for all levels of knowledge. Besides the nice and minimalist look, its perforated synthetic leather and breathable mesh make the shoe lighter, but without reducing its resistance and flexibility.

Its rounded stud sole ensures multidirectional grip, which is especially important when you need to attack with all your strength. In addition, the TPU shank in the middle of the foot improves stability and prevents swelling or discomfort after long periods of use.

This is an indispensable item on the shopping list of a cricket enthusiast. Buying something really durable and comfortable is the least you should do, right?

Mozi Sports Leather Cricket Ball 

Mozi Sports Leather Cricket Ball cricket equipmentImage:

High-quality balls are more than necessary in a sport that puts so much impact on them. How about acquiring some made of premium leather and hand-stitched by true experts?

Several batsmen recommend Mozi Sports balls, given their above-average durability and good grip. They are suitable for both amateurs and professionals looking for maximum performance.

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The company behind these items is quite confident in their quality. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and receive a full refund of the amount invested. But this will most likely not happen.

Gunn & Moore GM 606

Gunn & Moore GM 606 Image:

To store all these items, how about a beautiful bag adapted to your needs? Available in red and blue, it holds up to 55 liters of volume, which is more than enough to store all your gear.

An anti-scratch finish is present on the corners of the bag, in addition to “D” opening zippers that are highly resistant. Store everything you need without worrying about tears or sewing problems.

Ready to start?

There’s a lot of equipment you need to play cricket, right? But it’s for a good reason: your safety on the field depends on them. No one wants to get hurt while practicing a sport they love.


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