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The best apps to follow soccer tournaments and events

Follow your favorite team's competitions wherever you are!


You already know that soccer is the most beloved sport in the world. But did you know that you can follow soccer tournaments and events through apps? With them, you receive real-time updates on upcoming matches, so you can organize yourself not to miss any.

And that’s not all, these apps create an exciting online community where you can connect with other fans to exchange experiences, opinions, and even organize your own events. Some are so comprehensive that they even share statistics about teams and players.


But before we introduce you to the soccer tournament and event apps, have you ever stopped to wonder why this sport is so beloved?

Soccer: A Global Passion!

Soccer is more than just a passion; it’s a sport that moves the world. This sport brings people together, and rivalries between teams and fans create an atmosphere of friendship and friendly competition.


When people cheer for their favorite team, there’s a sense of belonging to a community where everyone shares emotions and experiences. It’s awesome because it creates bonds that last for a long time.

The plays on the field are a spectacle in themselves. Moments of genius, incredible goals, and skillful plays are sources of admiration and inspiration for fans around the world. This whole emotion is an incredible escape that turns those somewhat sad days into pure joy.

And so your heart can vibrate with this universe, we have separated the five best soccer tournament and event apps.


SofaScore soccer tournaments events

SofaScore is the dream app for those who enjoy sports, especially soccer. After all, it uses the best sources of statistics to provide accurate rankings of great players. The app’s algorithm is super fast, so you receive precise information about each game.

Moreover, with SofaScore, you stay informed about everything happening in the world of soccer. You can find out where your team will play, with details of date and time. If possible, call your friends to go together. But if your friends don’t like soccer, how about using the app’s chat to find people who also love the sport and would be willing to share this experience with you?

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.

OneFootball – Football Scores 

OneFootball - Football Scores soccer tournaments eventsImage: App Store

For those who like to follow soccer events and tournaments, OneFootball is an excellent choice. It brings all the details of the main world competitions, from the Premier League to the World Cup. With this app, you can keep an eye on the tables, results, dates, and times of the games, ensuring you won’t miss any event or goal from your favorite team.

The app also has a news feed that keeps you informed about everything happening in the soccer universe. Thus, you stay up-to-date on all the rumors, transfers, and news that could affect the next tournament. And the great thing is that OneFootball is super inclusive, covering both women’s and men’s championships.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.

Premier League – Official App 

Premier League - Official App Image: App Store

The Premier League is your ideal partner for following the world’s most-watched soccer competition. You can even use this platform to research 27 years of statistics and watch some of the best moments in the League’s history. And look, by using this app you have access to blogs and live Premier League games.

With the app’s calendar, you stay connected to the tournaments in which your favorite player will participate. And to not miss any play from the world’s most important soccer events, the app has a ready news feed for you. Finally, all the statistics you find in the Premier League app are regularly updated.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.


FIFA+ Image: App Store

When talking about soccer tournament and event apps, you can’t forget to mention one of the biggest names in this category: the FIFA app. It’s practically essential. With this app, in addition to following the main competitions of this sport that everyone loves so much, you can also watch games that have made their mark in the history of soccer.

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And don’t worry if you miss a soccer tournament because FIFA+ has complete replays of important matches, like the World Cup, for example. And to make everything even more incredible, the platform has original programs and exclusive documentaries that tell the stories of great soccer names.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.

FotMob – Football Live Scores 

FotMob - Football Live Scores soccer tournaments eventsImage: App Store

Let’s conclude with a flourish by presenting FotMob. With this app, you can follow the main soccer championships and also get important statistics of the sport. And if you like to stay updated on the results of the tournaments in real-time, know that with this app it’s possible.

Moreover, FotMob offers the possibility of personally following your favorite players and all the competitions they are participating in, allowing you to receive personalized notifications and always stay up-to-date. And with the quick updates about the matches that the platform offers, you are informed about all the goals scored in the championships.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.

The best soccer events and tournaments at your fingertips!

The soccer tournament and event apps we’ve shown are a good way to stay up-to-date with the sport you love. They bring real-time information, statistics, news, and even the chance to watch the games live. It’s everything a soccer fan needs!

Regardless of your choice, follow your teams with these apps.


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