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The Best Equipment and Accessories for Playing Tennis

Discover our selection of equipment to start playing tennis with safety and comfort


To start playing tennis, for fun or professionally, a good racket and suitable footwear are non-negotiable. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a professional kit if you are a beginner. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best tennis equipment and accessories for you to start playing this week.

Fortunately, there are affordable options that are comfortable and adaptable to your needs. Initially, these are basic tools to help you start practicing in your free time.


However, you can upgrade these equipments as you evolve in the sport. Read on for more information and organize your shopping cart.

What is the equipment and accessories to start playing tennis?

1. Racket

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The racket is definitely the tennis player’s best friend. As the main equipment to play with quality, you should consider the thickness and the manufacturing material.

In general, there are four types of rackets for playing tennis. The aluminum one is recommended for beginners and children. However, graphite rackets are ideal for those who want more speed during the game.

Furthermore, the fused rackets are ideal for intermediate players, who already have knowledge of some fundamentals of the sport. Finally, performance-type rackets are the most professional and competitive.

But if you are just starting, consider buying a Wilson Tour Slam or a Hiraly Adult Recreational to start testing.

2. Balls

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Usually, rented courts and sports centers offer tennis balls. However, it’s always preferable that you have your own ball kit.

Thus, you reduce the risk of playing with low-quality materials or that are worn out. As a rule, the balls must follow the quality standards of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

In this way, regardless of the model, color, or brand selected, you must follow the guidelines. To access this information, check the Federation’s manual.

To start playing, invest in Wilson Championship Tennis Balls or Penn Championship Tennis Balls. If in doubt, consult the list of ITF-approved tennis balls.

3. Footwear

Footwear equipment accessories tennisImage:

This is one of the most important tennis equipments to play safely and comfortably. To choose the footwear, you need to consider the type of court you will be playing on. That is, there are distinct shoes for clay, grass, or sand courts.

Above all, you should invest in footwear with a good cushioning system. Moreover, consider the size and fit of the shoe on your feet, to reduce the number of frictions and risks of injury.

As tennis involves a lot of impact on the joints, especially on the ankle and knee, a higher investment ensures the durability and safety of the footwear. When buying online, analyze the shoe’s specifications to ensure you are buying a quality product.

For women, Adidas Women’s Gamecourt 2 W is recommended. In addition, men can invest in Adidas Men’s Gamecourt 2.

4. Training Clothes

Training clothes equipment accessories tennisImage:

As a sport of a lot of movement and high intensity, comfortable and flexible clothing is essential to play well. However, it is recommended to avoid moisture-absorbing fabrics, like cotton, to reduce unnecessary friction. In this context, it is one of the tennis equipments that demands more attention to details.

Furthermore, very heavy or long clothes can limit movement on the court. In this context, T-shirts, shorts, skorts, or shorts that use dry-fit technology are great options.

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Depending on the duration of the match, the clothing can be your ally or your worst enemy. Regarding the length, it is more common for this type of clothing to be longer in the front. In this case, it’s a way to protect the skin during specific movements.

Women can invest in the Santiny Pleated Tennis Skirt and an Under Armour tank top. On the other hand, men have the option to purchase a pack of Elite Training T-shirts and Real Essentials shorts.

5. Visor

Visor equipment accessories tennisImage:

The visor is a tennis accessory that is better than traditional caps because it allows breathing for the scalp. It’s also more flexible and doesn’t press on the player’s head during the match.

More than just an ideal accessory for sunny days, this accessory helps protect your vision. Thus, you will have a shadow over your eyes to better see the field and create your strategies during the match.

When choosing a model, opt for less touristy and more sporty versions. Obviously, the visor can be a stylized accessory to match your clothes.

However, it’s important that it’s functional and practical. Therefore, observe the specifications to ensure it meets your needs.

Women can opt for the Adidas Women’s Superlite 2, which has more than 15 different color options. Men, on the other hand, can choose the Adidas Men’s Superlite Visor and its color variations.

So, did you like this list of tennis equipment and accessories?

To start playing, you don’t need to buy a super professional kit. As you will be in the experimentation phase, the basics are more than enough to have fun and get to know the sport. Above all, your safety is important to reduce the risk of injuries or wounds.


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