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Find partners and tennis courts near you

Check out the apps that will transform your tennis experience!


Finding tennis partners and courts with the help of apps can help you create new connections and improve in the sport. After all, you will be getting help to learn new plays.

And what about new courts, right? With them, you can practice in various environments, feeling different atmospheres with each swing.


Apps in this category make your life easier by allowing you to find players with availabilities that match your schedule. This way, both can practice regularly and master the sport.

Speed up your search with the right apps

We use apps on our phones for everything in life. If we want to eat something different or need transportation somewhere, just open an app and request it.


So why not use this convenience to find tennis partners and courts?

Apps can help you achieve this goal through simple steps that any player, new or beginner, can follow. Shall we go to the list?


Spin partners and tennis courts

If you like making connections with new people when playing tennis, Spin is an app that helps you with that. With it, in addition to meeting new faces, you discover new courts to train on.

Another cool thing about Spin is that it provides information about tennis leagues. This way, you won’t miss any sport events, with details of days and times when they will happen.

You also don’t need to worry about whether the people you will play with are professionals or amateurs. We know it’s very annoying to play with someone of a very different level from yours. With this in mind, Spin allows you to schedule tennis matches with people at similar levels to yours.

Download: App Store and Google Play.


TennisPAL partners and tennis courts

Image: Google Play

TennisPAL is also a great app for you to find partners and tennis courts. What’s so special about it? The fact that it allows you to have contact with sports coaches, in case you are starting in it.

In addition, you can use TennisPAL to book games on courts near you. But if you enjoy staying on top of the tennis universe, keep an eye on the news feed the app offers.

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Now, if you are a tennis instructor, use this platform to find new students. There is always someone wanting to learn a new sport, and you can be a key part in the first swing of a great player.

Download: App Store and Google Play.



Image: Google Play

RacketPal is the number one app for tennis lovers and it’s not by chance. It manages to connect players of the sport all over the world so they can enjoy excellent time on the court.

RacketPal’s main goal is to be an easy-to-use app so you won’t have difficulties in finding your training partner. Thus, all you need to do is search on the platform using filters for areas, date, and time.

After finding a player, just start a chat with them and schedule a tennis match. And if you want to book local courts, do the same procedure and in a few minutes, you will have a space to swing your racket.

Download: App Store and Google Play.

Kort: Find Tennis Partners 

Kort: Find Tennis Partners partners and tennis courts

Image: Google Play

Finding partners and tennis courts becomes very easy if you use Kort. The app already has thousands of registered users. In other words, company for your rallies won’t be lacking.

Being a quite simple platform, with Kort you just need to inform your location so that the app finds places and people to play with you. In the app itself, you can chat with other players to schedule the day and time to meet on the field.

But that’s not all. Kort has a major highlight which is allowing you to set up public invitations. This way, you can invite a group of people to the court. Who knows, maybe you’ll set up a mini championship!

Download: App Store and Google Play.



Image: Google Play

We couldn’t close our list without mentioning Tennisist. This app works like a social network focused on connecting tennis lovers. So, when using the app, you will find four main components:

  • Tennis players
  • Tennis coaches
  • Tennis courts
  • Tennis clubs

Once you gain access to the platform’s community, you will be able to practice your skills and even meet new people. Tennisist has a rating system that helps you find people who play at the same level as you.

With this, it’s clear that Tennisist is much more than just a simple application, but an ecosystem that allows all players to interact and improve their skills with the help of professionals in the field.

Download: App Store and Google Play.

Ready to put your racket on the field?

These apps are great options for you to find partners and tennis courts. They are easy to use and allow you to find people with your skill level and availability. Additionally, the apps can help you learn new techniques. So, if you are a tennis lover, it’s worth trying these apps!


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