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Are you a beginner in soccer? Read this before heading to the field!

On the field, 1% luck can make 99% difference.


Soccer, the greatest passion of Brazilians (and hundreds of other countries), is one of the favorite pastimes of hundreds of millions of people around the planet. Join the more than 240 million players the right way!

There are several reasons why this sport is so popular: the community is incredibly large, with billions of viewers. Moreover, it has quite simple rules, which ensures greater accessibility.


Accessibility is what defines soccer: you just need a ball to be able to play with your friends almost anywhere! Pelé, Maradona, Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo are examples of people who started their careers with very simple lives – and today are global references on the subject.

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A Brief History of Soccer

This is one of the most fascinating and curious characteristics of this sport: its origins date back to Antiquity; around 2,600 BC in China. It was part of an ancient (and macabre) ritual known as “Tsü Tsü”: instead of balls, the heads of enemies defeated in combat were used on the field.


But the story was quite different in Greece and Rome. The sport, still embryonic in terms of rules and structure, was called “Epyskiros” or “Harpastum”. As expected, the materials were much simpler and more rudimentary, such as hard rubbers or animal leathers.

In the 14th century, “Calcio Storico” was played in Italy: teams of between 25 and 30 people competed to get the ball across the opponent’s goal. From that moment, soccer began to take on a more “modern” form, so to speak.

The sport arrived in the United Kingdom later. In 1863, the Football Association was founded and, with it, the norms and rules of soccer began to be defined on a global scale.

Since then, the whole world has embraced the strong emotions that a soccer match can provide!

Tips for Beginners in Soccer

It’s always a good idea to contextualize the sport with a history lesson, isn’t it? But now it’s time to put on your cleats and get to it!

Follow the tips below to become a better and better player. Everything is part of a continuous and regular work: don’t get discouraged if it’s taking a while to achieve the results you want.

As usual, it doesn’t hurt to remember: visit the doctor and get a complete check-up before doing any physical activity! Whether you are a younger person or of a certain age. Taking care of yourself is always desirable and never an exaggeration.

Warm Up Before Playing

Control your eagerness for the field, at least for the next few minutes: some preliminary training is essential to avoid injuries and improve your performance!

  • Flexibility: Do sit-ups, squats, and other similar exercises;
  • Endurance: It’s important to train running in two different ways: long runs and sprints. Both are fundamental for you to employ additional agility when necessary;
  • Strength: Weightlifting or calisthenics make all the difference in strengthening your muscles and improving your physical response during training.
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    Use the Wall to Your Advantage

    You read it right: a wall can help you improve your ball reception! Kick the ball against the wall and raise your foot to receive it. Increase the speed of the training as your reflexes improve.

    To make everything easier, try starting the training closer to the wall. As you become more confident and in control, gradually move away. Over time, you’ll notice that your receptions will be much more precise.

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    Practice Juggling

    Your coordination will become much sharper if you practice juggling. It may seem like a vain attitude, but it greatly improves ball control, especially in tense and decisive moments!

    Keep the ball always close to your body and use the middle of your foot for repetitive movements. After some time, you will be able to alternate between the right and left foot; but don’t pressure yourself right from the start.

    Discover Your Preferred Foot for Kicking

    Some people prefer to use their right foot to shoot at goal, while others choose their left foot for this task. And it doesn’t matter if you are right-handed or left-handed: it’s a very personal choice that can directly influence your performance on the field!

    Try taking several laps around the field, kicking the ball in front of you. You’ll discover your preferred way of applying force when kicking.

    Study the tactics

    There are various positions available in soccer: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, attacking midfielder, striker, and many others. Try playing in each of them and find out which one you identify with the most.

    Even the best players in the world have positions in which they can shine, while in others their performance is relatively compromised. It’s all a matter of trial and error.

    Always stay optimistic

    It’s no use crying over spilled milk! It’s important to learn from your mistakes and defeats throughout the matches. If the best players in the world make serious mistakes, imagine you who are just starting! And there’s no problem in that.

    You are on the move, taking care of your health, and socializing with your friends and colleagues. It doesn’t matter if you’re not having your best day: the important thing is always to seek improvement, no matter how small.

    Strength, Focus, and Faith!

    Your journey to learn to play soccer correctly may be long, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable! It’s important never to skip steps when practicing sports – no matter what they are.

    Courage and dedication are fundamental to enjoy a happier and healthier life. Rest assured that soccer has this power, and thanks to it, many people have been able to leave precarious situations and now provide for their respective families, who live with great tranquility and comfort.

    Buy a good pair of cleats, wear your favorite team’s uniform, and enjoy all that a life in motion can offer!

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