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Want to Learn Hockey? Check Out These Apps!

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Do you like high-impact sports that require great reflexes and quick thinking? Hockey might be what you’ve been waiting for all this time! So, keep reading and discover the best apps to learn hockey.

It is one of the most beloved sports in the United States and Canada. However, this does not mean it isn’t appreciated by millions of other people around the world. Its frenetic and strategic characteristics are capable of captivating people in every corner of the Earth.


Want to start playing hockey but don’t know where to begin? The apps on this list will certainly help you take the first steps.

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The Basic Rules of Hockey

Before you start downloading, it’s important to learn some basic concepts of hockey. One of them is the minimum age to play organized hockey. You need to be at least five years old to start.

It’s normal for parents to put their children in skating lessons before this age; however, organized teams require a minimum age due to the high risks of impact. The age difference between young players is usually one year, at most.

The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible in the opposing net. To do this, teams use a stick to shoot the pucks at high speed. Each team consists of six players: one goalkeeper and five others in the line, who can both attack and defend.

A hockey game is divided into 3 periods of 20 minutes. This time can be interrupted in case of a goal, a penalty, or an injury.

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There are three zones on the hockey field: the defensive (where the team defends its goal), the offensive (where the team attacks the opponent), and the neutral (which divides the two sides of the field). Every game starts with a face-off. The referee drops the puck in the middle of the field, in the neutral zone, for the teams to compete for possession.

If the game ends in a tie, there can be overtime or shootouts (penalties), just like in soccer. It’s important to mention that these are just the most elementary rules of hockey; there are several other details to consider.

Learn Hockey with These Apps!

If your mind and heart have been captured by this passion, look no further. The apps below are suitable for all ages and skill levels. As with everything in life, discipline, dedication, and a lot of passion for everything you do are necessary.


App Store: [DOWNLOAD

Klevr.ai learn hockeyImage: App Store

KLEVR is one of the most well-known apps in the world when it comes to sports coaching. Available only for iOS, it offers hockey lessons (and so many other sports) for all levels of knowledge.

Favoriting your favorite lessons and videos is quite simple, which makes training even more enjoyable and intuitive. You can also easily share content with others through the most popular social networks.

If you need partners for training, no problem. KLEVR is a social media that connects millions of athletes around the planet. Be one among many and seek technical advantages in your competitions.


App Store: [DOWNLOAD

Google Play: [DOWNLOAD

TeamSnap Image: App Store

Managing teams can be a quite tedious and exhausting job, especially if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. TeamSnap solves this problem (and many others) in a very simple way.

Communicate in real-time with your hockey teams, schedule trainings, and apply personalized feedbacks through text, audio, or video. Moreover, you can coordinate more advanced details, such as player and team registration processes, payments, live match sharing, and much more.

It is a more technical solution, but no less incredible for those who want to take hockey to the next level. Although many of its features are free, you need to choose a subscription plan to unlock all its resources. It might be worth it, depending on your case.


App Store: [DOWNLOAD

Google Play: [DOWNLOAD

SkillShark Image: App Store

High-performance players need refined apps to discover their strengths and weaknesses. With this, more accurate feedback can be made and more elaborate trainings can be conducted. This is the main proposal of SkillShark, available for all mobile devices.

Discovering minute details of each team member and putting them on paper can be an incredibly time-consuming task; an app focused on detecting these details is everything a coach needed for greater productivity and competence.

Moreover, SkillShark is fully customizable. Any feature can be added to create incredible training sessions. Everyone can receive individual guidance, just like within a traditional social network.

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The trial version of SkillShark is unlimited, but a monthly fee is charged for each player. This is one of the most solid options on the market when it comes to building high-level teams.

Hockey Coach Vision 

App Store: [DOWNLOAD

Google Play: [DOWNLOAD

Hockey Coach Vision learn hockeyImage: App Store

Like SkillShark, Hockey Coach Vision is an extremely powerful app for team management and interaction with all those involved in this ice art. It is compatible with mobile devices and computers, making it a great option for interoperable service.

Creating specific tactics and trainings is practically child’s play. Its interface is one of the most intuitive and user-friendly of all. With this, novices will learn how to use the software in a very short time and dedicate their efforts to achieve better scores.

Various animated markings can be used on the screen to illustrate what each team member needs to do to achieve victory. These interactive tools are used by professionals worldwide, by the way.

All Geared Up?

It’s cold outside. However, with the right tools by your side, victory will come in full force. It’s just a matter of time, dedication, and a lot of love for the sport!

The apps on this list will certainly be of excellent value for beginners, intermediates, and professionals who want to learn hockey in the next level. No matter what your profile is. The important thing is never to give up on your dreams. And they might be just a few steps away on the ice.


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