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5 Apps to Learn Cricket on Your Own

Discover the latest in app technology for learning cricket


To learn cricket, you can follow some basic tips, but apps are excellent allies in this process. Although they don’t replace the work of a qualified professional, they certainly make learning more accessible and practical. In this context, there are 5 apps for learning to play cricket on your own.

Generally, these are apps with advanced technology and features adaptable to users’ needs. Thus, you can learn with the support of text or video tutorials. However, you can use the video feature on the platform to record your movements. Then, just check the automatic corrections that the app’s intelligence offers.


What are the best apps to learn how to play cricket?

1. Cricuru

Cricuru apps learn cricketImage: Google Play Store

Firstly, Cricuru is an app derived from India’s largest online cricket training platform. However, it is available to all amateur and beginner players around the world.


One of the main differentials of this tool is the use of Artificial Intelligence. In this way, you can have your movements meticulously analyzed to learn what needs improvement.

Moreover, Cricuru’s functionalities include individual mentoring sessions with over 30 cricket training experts. If you prefer recorded lessons, there are lessons designed especially for users to learn from their teachers’ experience and understand how the game works.

Download now for Android or iOS. If you prefer, visit the Cricuru official website to learn more.

2. Cricket Coaching

Cricket Coaching apps learn cricketImage: Google Play Store

This app is mainly focused on video tutorials for players to learn while watching. With the latest updates, navigability has been improved so you can learn to play cricket from anywhere.

In particular, the platform teaches tips for hitting cricket balls, but also how to throw with quality. In this app, videos are short but instructive and developed by experts in the sport.

Although it is free, there are ads that can be annoying for some users. Among the market alternatives, it has the simplest interface design, in a list format with the tutorials.

Currently, it is available only for Android users. Download now for Android.

3. Homeground

Homeground Image: Google Play Store

This is also on the list of the most modern apps to learn how to play cricket on the market. That’s because Homeground is entirely based on Artificial Intelligence. In operation, this technology helps beginner players and coaches access professional training.

Although the app is free, users need to sign up for a monthly plan that costs 3 dollars to enjoy the functionalities. Through Homeground, you can train with quality, without needing extra devices or sensors.

To make the most of the app, set your phone on a tripod and capture your training sessions while learning to play cricket. After that, Artificial Intelligence will do all the work of analyzing your training and providing real-time metrics.

However, the app is not limited to this technology. Video analysis also includes recommendations, feedback from linked experts, and a series of customizable training plans. Download now for Android.

4. Sportplan

Sportplan Image: Google Play Store

Sportplan is an excellent alternative among apps for learning to play cricket, as it also includes training in other sports. In this way, you can explore practical sessions of football, hockey, rugby, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and various modalities.

With the promise of being a training that you can carry in your pocket, the app contains a library of exercises and training plans for you to learn. In particular, each of these pieces of information comes with a complete description with focus points to be worked on.

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Furthermore, users can stay up to date with instant access to the news feed in the app. In this tab, you can access the latest content published by platform experts and coaches who are part of the community.

Another interesting differential is the possibility of organizing your training into folders and customizing the experience. That is, you can take advantage of the training library or add your own. Download now for Android or iOS.

5. StanceBeam

StanceBeam apps learn cricketImage: Google Play Store

Like Cricuru, StanceBeam has integrated technology that allows you to analyze videos of your sessions. However, it has more detailed features because it creates 4-second cuts to facilitate analysis, without needing so many pauses in the process.

This type of functionality helps the player not worry about training videos taking up phone memory. Basically, when you finish recording, the videos are sent to the StanceBeam cloud. Later, they can be accessed from any device as long as you log into your account.

Other features of StanceBeam include live statistics of your training sessions, recreation of moves with 3D simulation, 360º training visualization. After training, you can access the session summary, as well as performance information and reports.

Finally, there is the possibility of comparing different sessions captured with the app, highlighting the best shots to share with your friends and on social networks. In the paid version, new features are released, such as coach feedback. Download now for Android or iOS.

So, did you like the list of apps to learn how to play cricket?

With these apps, you don’t have to rely on internet videos or social media posts. Because they have advanced technologies that are getting better and better, users find everything they need and a little more. Take the opportunity to download one of these options and start your training today.


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