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Just started in cricket? Check out these tips for beginners



Cricket is a complex and highly strategic sport. Although it is not as popular in most countries, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. It is estimated that there are around 30 million followers of the game – and you can be part of the statistics, and learn to play better with our cricket tips.

Most players are located in Asia. India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, and England are considered the greatest enthusiasts of the sport. It was in British lands, indeed, that cricket was formalized and popularized.


What is the history of cricket?

Before getting into any sport, it’s always important to get a brief history lesson. Context is mandatory to create a greater identification with the whole thing.

The game had its roots in England in the 16th century. It is believed that cricket was born through the evolution of other sports modalities, such as trap-ball and stoolball. Both were played with balls and bats.


Few know, but cricket was also strongly influenced by jeu de paume (or “palm game” in free translation), which inspired modern tennis.

But it was in the 18th century that the game began to become popular on British soil. The first known record of a cricket game was written in 1744 in London.

Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond, was one of the most important and influential figures for the popularization of the sport; thanks to him, several important matches were organized, which brought a lot of visibility in other regions and later outside the country. In the 19th century, cricket dominated the entire British Empire.

Charles Lennox cricket tipsCharles Lennox. Image: Wikipedia 

British colonizers brought cricket to Asia, which embraced the sport with open arms. It is extremely popular in India, being a symbol of power and status among members of the Indian elite.

Over time, new rules were created and new game modes were developed to make competitions even more complex and interesting. Although it is not as popular as football or tennis, it is more than safe to say that cricket is a solid way to stay in shape and develop your motor and mental skills.

Cricket tips for beginners

Before putting on the equipment and heading to the field, it’s important to follow the tips below:

Memorize the basic rules

Cricket is a very complex game and may take some time until you understand everything that is necessary. Therefore, understanding its basic notions, such as scoring, functioning of wickets, and elimination of batters, is essential before putting your muscles to work.

In addition, it is necessary to understand the various game modalities, such as Twenty20 (T20), One Day International (ODI), or Test Match. But don’t worry. This article may be what you were looking for all this time!

Position yourself correctly

It may seem obvious, but beginners often neglect the importance of positioning themselves correctly on the field. Batters, bowlers, or field players need to stay in their respective places to ensure a fluid match.

There are several positions to memorize and experiment with (gully, mid-on, mid-off, among many others). Talk to your coach to explore each one and, with that, develop a clearer and more detailed game vision.

Train (a lot) with the bat

There are countless techniques for hitting and repelling balls with great precision and strength. Practicing them tirelessly is what separates great cricket players from eternal amateurs.

Need a hand to train? Try the mobile app Cricket Training, available on Google Play. There are so many training options that it can even be difficult to start. But don’t be discouraged. Start from the beginning, then move on to bolder techniques.

Practice movement on the Pitch

Running between the wickets is a real art. Moving properly can change the luck of your team in difficult situations. Therefore, practicing a lot is essential.

Never forget to maintain communication with your teammates and make quick runs, but without ending your disposition at once. You will certainly need it to get to the end of the match.

Observe and analyze all the time

Every player has certain patterns and behaviors on the field. It’s up to you to analyze them carefully and look for gaps during matches to make the most of the situation.

Making smart decisions at the right time can reverse unfavorable scores, in addition to shaking the morale of opponents. Think like a true military strategist!

Watch matches to learn

watch cricket tipsImage: Pexels

Professionals have a lot to teach. So, one of our tips is for you to watch important cricket matches on television or the internet. Understand how the best position themselves on the field and how they are able to turn the tide with class and style.

After some time, you will notice that your observation skills will become increasingly refined; with this, the matches will become much more enjoyable and natural, without the need to explore your most primitive instincts.

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Practice bowling frequently

Even if being a bowler is not your favorite role, it is essential to practice regularly so as not to lose the touch. Spin, swing, and fast bowling should be trained to deceive opponents and ensure decisive points.

Moreover, controlling the direction and speed of the ball in adverse conditions, like days of strong wind or rain, can be quite difficult at the beginning. However, patience and regular training can solve this problem.

Use quality accessories

The ideal equipment for playing cricket can protect you against injuries, in addition to providing a lot of mobility. Helmets, gloves, and quality pads make a big difference in the heat of the battle.

Shoes with spikes and gloves with adequate grip make movement quite fluid and light. Do not forget to buy a bat made with good material and that is suitable for your height.

Time to sweat!

Remember to keep the flannels (white uniforms) always clean! They are a key piece to maintain the traditions of cricket. Make use of our cricket tips, practice regularly, watch professional matches, and train the most basic techniques until you execute them to perfection.

Respecting the sport and its values contributes to creating a better world for everyone.

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