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Perfect Apps for Those Who Want to Learn Soccer

Discover these apps that facilitate your entry into the world of soccer!


The apps for those who want to learn soccer play an important role in the life of those who wish to be a star in one of the world’s most famous sports. These platforms offer a complete experience. Thus, you can have basic and advanced notions of skill exercises, fitness routines, and real-time feedback from important coaches in this area.

The apps also help people who previously couldn’t access training, either because they live in remote places or because they don’t have the money to invest in classes. Furthermore, with these tools, it doesn’t matter if you already have experience in soccer or are just starting. Surely, you will discover something that will make a difference in your learning of this incredible sport.


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What are the benefits of playing soccer?

Those who love soccer know that it goes far beyond a simple play on the field. The sport that makes our hearts race is an excellent way to improve our physical fitness, helping to promote good cardiovascular health. In addition, while you’re shining on the field, dribbling, passing, and shooting, your motor coordination is getting much better.


Of course, we cannot leave out the social aspect. A soccer match can make you expand your circle of friends, providing an opportunity to meet new cultures and habits, as well as exchange teachings among players. This sport also helps to improve teamwork, as playing together is very important for the success of your game.

To help you enjoy all these benefits, we have compiled a list of the best apps for those who want to learn soccer, which will give you that little push you need to become a great player.

Box-to-box: soccer training 

Box-to-box: soccer training learn soccerImage: Google Play

Box-to-box is that app that makes you have no excuse not to train. This is because it allows you to learn soccer even without internet. In addition, it provides a virtual soccer coach and personalized training plans. You know what makes it even more incredible? These plans were used by soccer stars in the Champions League.

The training sessions of Box-to-box were designed by professional coaches and are divided into eight categories. All of them contain video tutorials explaining how you can practice like champions. You can also record your training to have a detailed report of your performance.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.

Coach Tactic Board: Football 

Coach Tactic Board: Football Image: Google Play

Among the apps for those who want to learn soccer, Coach Tactic stands out for being intuitive, stable, and powerful. Available in almost 50 countries worldwide, this platform has a training module where you can use balls, cones, and ladders to create exercises.

With it, you can also save an unlimited number of tactics and play in full court and half-court modes. Coach Tactic provides an immersive gaming environment so that you can create teams, make substitutions, and customize players. This way, you can fix in your mind positions and rules of soccer.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.

Train Effective Soccer Academy 

Train Effective Soccer Academy learn soccerImage: Google Play

Train Effective was launched with the aim of democratizing access to soccer training. With it, you will go through lessons that will improve your technique, tactical knowledge, physical preparation, and mindset. After all, all 150 workouts available on the app were developed by professional coaches.

Whether you are just starting to learn to play soccer or are already a professional player, the variety of skills and exercises in Train Effective will help you progress even further in your sports career. With new content added monthly, you get access to the latest exercises so you can always innovate in your ways of playing.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.

The Coaching Manual 

The Coaching Manual Image: Google Play

Undoubtedly, we can’t talk about apps for those who want to learn soccer without mentioning The Coaching Manual. This is because it provides training sessions verified by professionals in the field. In addition, it offers a library with various contents filmed in quality to help you evolve in the sport.

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The app also has a performance analysis tool. Thus, you will have a better view of your evolution in various areas, such as decisions, tactics, and strategies. All this has been developed so that you not only play like a professional, but also think like a great player.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.


433 learn soccerImage: Google Play

The last app on our list is 433. It is specially designed for football lovers. With it, you not only learn to make the best passes on the field, but also stay up to date with the latest news from your favorite team. You can also watch videos to relax and view viral and classic content that has marked the history of the sport. 

It’s important to highlight that with 433 you can test your football knowledge and even organize championships with your friends to see who knows more about the sport. Another important point is that the app provides rules about football, so you don’t make any blunders on the field.

Available for iOS and Android systems, on the App Store and Google Play.

Time for a Goal!

With these apps, you can learn football, regardless of your geographical location. By offering training plans, video tutorials, and real-time feedback, these apps break down access barriers, enabling you to improve your skills and be ready to score that bicycle kick goal!


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