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6 tips for those starting in tennis and wanting to shine on the courts

Learn some tips to enter the world of tennis on the right foot!


If you want to start playing tennis but have no idea what the first steps are, you can take advantage of some important tips. Thus, in addition to entering this universe on the right foot, you can shine on the courts. These tips for those starting in tennis can help you reduce the number of injuries and have fun in the process.

Although it is not a sport accessible to everyone due to the price of equipment and courts, you can start playing without worrying about expensive equipment. In fact, experimenting for entertainment or leisure is an excellent way to get to know a sport.


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What are the tips for those starting in tennis?

1. Study the rules of the game

As much as it seems like a very simple sport, there are rules that go beyond the action of hitting the ball on your court. Therefore, whether to play aiming for a professional career or just to have fun with friends, study how tennis works.


This way, you can score points correctly and familiarize yourself with the modality. Don’t worry about following the manual to the letter, because the learning process allows some flexibility.

Furthermore, the first moments when you start playing tennis should be fun. As a result, you can fall in love with the sport and deepen your knowledge. If you don’t know where to start looking, visit sports websites, like the Olympics, which offer a complete guide.

2. Develop your body

To strengthen your body when trying to play tennis, it is recommended that you combine sports practice with weightlifting and ergometry exercises. Generally, the greater your physical endurance and cardiorespiratory capacity, the better your performance in the sport.

Although in the past the fitness part was not so associated with tennis, many professional athletes have started to invest in these complementary trainings in recent years. The benefits are many, from increasing intensity during matches to reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing the power of strokes.

Body care and strengthening also include stretching and mobility exercises. Thus, you can adapt your body to the new stimuli of the sport, improving your playability safely and healthily.

3. Have good tennis equipment

The growth of tennis has brought a series of innovations to the sport, especially in the technology of equipment and clothing. Therefore, when starting to play, invest in quality materials.

In this process, you can preserve your physical integrity, because good instruments help you not to get hurt in more intense games and create more safety. Especially when learning, reliable equipment makes a total difference.

However, you don’t need to buy all the most expensive equipment at once. Because you don’t know if you will continue playing for a long time afterward and it can be a waste of money. Even so, start by buying a good racket or a good kit based on the indications from STWSports.

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4. Invest in light clothing

As a high-intensity sport with a lot of movement on the field, it is essential to choose comfortable clothes that give you freedom when playing. Moreover, it is a way to have more convenience, especially when playing on a hot day or under the Sun.

When choosing, opt for a shoe that does not damage or mark the tennis court. That is, think about the weight of the shoe and how it reacts to quick movements. Pay attention to how it fits on your foot, because the ideal is that it is neither too loose nor too tight. As a result, you avoid cramps and possible sprains.

The main tip for those starting to play tennis is to invest in clothing that allows freedom of movement and does not absorb moisture. With this, you avoid unnecessary friction between the clothes and your body.

5. Play as often as possible

This is one of the most important tips for those starting to play tennis. The best action at this first stage is to take every opportunity to practice.

Frequency is the best friend of the beginner player, especially to get familiar with the sport. Don’t hesitate to sign up for amateur tournaments, join groups of beginner players, and access communities to learn about events or training sessions.

In addition to allowing you to play more, this movement inserts you into a community of players, making the experience more enjoyable. Making friends with other amateur or beginner players is an excellent tip for improving in the sport.

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6. Consider hiring a private coach

Even though it is a robust financial investment, if you have the means, consider hiring a private coach. In addition to helping you play the right way, it is a way to reduce the risk of injuries and increase the intensity of training. Consequently, you can improve your game even faster, because a professional will know how to guide you according to your needs.

Starting with the support of a coach is not accessible to everyone. However, it is a way to be on a safe path. In some cases, there are coaches who provide equipment for you to try out in free lessons before hiring their services.

So, did you like these tips for those starting in tennis?

Don’t be afraid to start, even if you don’t play well or get tired very quickly. The most important thing in these first moments is to experiment and test your skills. Over time, you can improve your game and even consider a career in the sport.


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