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Playing tennis gets much better with these 7 tips!

Sweating and training are necessary.


Tennis is a delightfully fun sport that has captivated millions of enthusiasts around the world. And there are plenty of reasons for this. Besides improving physical fitness, it helps boost self-esteem, improves motor coordination, and sharpens the mind. So you can start in the sport, we’ve selected some valuable tennis tips to get you started.

You too can be part of this activity that captivates audiences, especially during the Olympics. It’s a solid investment (in many senses) to make your personal life even better.


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Important considerations before continuing

Many people pretend to forget, but it’s always good to remember: before doing any physical activity, get a complete medical check-up.


Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, it’s important to check your physical condition before starting any type of training, as various silent problems might be lurking; you certainly don’t want to end up on a hospital bed for several days, do you?

Basic rules of tennis

This sport can be played individually or in doubles. A net divides the court into two equal parts, and points are scored in games and sets.

Each game has at least four points, counted as follows: 15, 30, 40, and “game”. You need to win two or more games to come out victorious.

The ball must never touch the net and fail to reach the opponent’s area; otherwise, the point will be lost. However, if the ball touches the net but falls in the opponent’s area, the point will be valid.

Common terms and expressions

  • Winner: A point scored by a player as soon as the ball reaches an area impossible to defend;
  • Ace: When the serve is so well done that the opponent cannot return the ball;
  • Backhand: A type of stroke with the racket performed with the back of the hand;
  • Volley: The ball is hit before it touches the ground.

There are several other typical expressions within tennis, but these are the most used.

Valuable tips for playing tennis better

Now that you’ve absorbed the most basic concepts behind tennis, it’s time to take some tips into your life. Your performance on the court will become even more interesting, especially in the long term.

Follow these essential guidelines and score more points every time you play:

Do a proper warm-up

Never start a physical activity without first doing a proper warm-up. A good idea is to jog around the court for about 10 minutes. You can alternate with sprints and lateral runs to strengthen your muscles.

A good way to warm up your arms is to use elastics or even hold two rackets simultaneously. Besides properly preparing the muscles, it will help you to train reflexes and flexibility.

The physical effort to play tennis is quite intense. Therefore, this step should never be neglected!

A good coach makes a difference

If it’s within your budget, consider hiring an experienced coach. In addition to learning valuable techniques and correcting constant bad habits, it’s possible to avoid unnecessary injuries during matches or training.

A solid foundation is essential to build good performance. Well-qualified instructors can even detect latent potential in certain people and build successful careers in the world of sports.

Do specific physical training

Speed, flexibility, and balance are some of the most important characteristics of tennis enthusiasts. Therefore, it’s crucial that all sportspeople practice physical activities that lead to improvements in these areas.

Talk to your gym instructor and ask for a personalized series. The chances of improving your performance in the long term are enormous.

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Learn to control yourself under pressure

Tennis is a sport that demands a lot from the mind, too. You are forced to try to predict some of your opponent’s behaviors; this can initially be a stressful task for some people.

So, one of the tips for tennis is keeping calm and thinking serenely during tense moments is one of the most important qualities of any player. Crucial strategic decisions may require a light head, free of emotional ties.

Consider practicing meditation or yoga in your free and solitary moments. These two ancient techniques can make a big difference in your life – even outside the courts.

Learn to play defensively

Defensive play requires you to position yourself correctly on the court during matches. It’s a great idea to train defensive movements to not become a victim of difficult balls.

More anxious people tend to play overly aggressively; this can be interesting in some cases, but generally, it’s better to seek a balanced game. You never know what’s going on in your opponent’s mind.

Playing doubles? Talk

It may seem obvious, but during the most tense moments of a match, this point can be overlooked. Never forget to talk to your game partner to strategize and share valuable information.

Playing doubles is, above all, a social job. Friendships can be strengthened through collaboration. Similarly, unnecessary stress can occur if communication is not fluid and calm.

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Use the Lob to your advantage!

This move consists of hitting a strong and high shot to cover your opponent. It can be executed stealthily, confusing the opponent’s mind at crucial moments. Training it constantly can be an excellent way to create a “plan B” in difficult hours.

Ask your coach to teach some interesting moves with the Lob. Some YouTube channels also have very interesting instructions that can change your game forever.

Ready to start?

Don’t forget to buy comfortable clothes, a good pair of tennis shoes, and a quality racket for the best results on the court. In addition, you can also use mobile technologies to your advantage.

The Nike Training Club is an excellent free app that allows you to follow tennis classes, get tips, and monitor all your progress throughout training. Seeking excellence, but without excessive personal demands, is one of the best ways to hone your character and your qualities as an athlete!


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