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5 tips to play cricket like a professional

Learn to play cricket like a professional with these amazing tips!


Fans who want to learn to play cricket like a professional can benefit from these 5 tips in this article. This way, you won’t have to be limited to watching matches on your cell phone, and you can gather friends, family, and even other sports admirers to practice.

With over 2.6 billion fans around the world, cricket is the second most popular sport today, according to data from Statistics and Data. In light of the growing public interest, more practical and democratic ways to practice are emerging. Whether to start your career in cricket tournaments or just have fun with your friends, there are ways to adapt cricket to your needs. Learn more information below and find out how.


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What are the 5 tips to learn to play cricket?

Know the rules of cricket

It’s no use buying all the equipment but not understanding anything about how the game works when the ball is rolling. Therefore, learning the rules and details will help you practice with quality, even reducing the risk of injuries. To find details on how to play cricket, visit specialized sites, such as CricBuzz.


However, if you don’t feel confident with reading alone, there is always the option to explore other resources. On YouTube, there are educational videos about the rules and how to play, as well as clips of matches for you to see the players in action.

Start by remembering that the main goal of the game is to score more runs than your opposing team. Then, research the basic concepts, such as wickets, batting turns, bowling turns, and defenses.

Don’t forget that the sport involves two teams of eleven players each, and they occupy distinct positions. Thus, you’ll need to know the functions of the wicket-keeper, bowlers, batters, and captain.

The most important thing at this first stage is to absorb as much of the necessary theory to be able to play. Even though you might be consulting the manuals at first to ensure you’re doing everything correctly, this contact will help you familiarize yourself with how cricket works.

2. Have the specialized equipment

In general, the rules of cricket dictate that players need to have specialized equipment. However, these materials involve both those necessary for playing and those for safety, as it’s necessary to protect certain parts of the body. In total, you need:

  • 6 stumps;
  • 4 bails;
  • 2 cricket bats;
  • 1 cricket ball.

Additionally, there are specifications that need to be met. For example, the ball should be made of leather, weighing between 155.9 and 163 grams to roll well on the field. The bat, on the other hand, is made of wood and has a flat blade with a handle at the ends.

Regarding protective equipment, batters need to wear helmets, leg guards, thigh guards, and a groin protector. In addition, wicket-keepers use gloves, leg guards, and helmets. Start your shopping with cricket bats selected by STWSports on Amazon.

3. Understand the cricket field

Unlike football, the cricket field is oval and has a large rectangular strip in the middle called the pitch. Therefore, to play cricket like a professional, you need to understand how the field markings work.

Specifically, it is on this pitch that the bowler throws the ball to the batter of the opposing team. In terms of dimensions, the field should be 20.1 meters long by 3 meters wide.

However, it does not need to be completely oval, as there is no fixed rule for these details. Despite this, it is usually oval to facilitate the players’ running and the spectators’ viewing.

Moreover, it’s important to understand how to prepare the field, including the position of the stumps, popping creases, return creases, bowling crease, etc. There are specific rules for each of these positions. The wickets, for example, should be placed with a height of 72.4 centimeters and a width of 22.9 centimeters between the stumps.

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4. Practice your plays

With the rules learned, practice your ball throwing using techniques that strengthen your precision and power. This way, you can make throws that don’t exceed the marks and disqualify the play. Beyond bowling, you can practice in the batter’s position, as there are various types of attacks.

Gradually, this training helps you develop your style of play. Currently, there are bowlers who prefer running forward for a quick throw or spinning their body for a more complex throw. On the other hand, some batters prefer to run from end to end of the field to switch places with their teammate, and so on.

In this training process, it’s important to work with exercises to strengthen the upper body. More than just bolstering your throws, you work to have a physical structure that can withstand the intensity of the rounds. And of course, don’t forget to train your running to be able to cross the field easily.

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5. Try Different Positions

Even if you feel more affinity as a bowler, one of the main tips for playing cricket is to act sometimes as a batsman or wicket-keeper. Besides broadening your experience with the sport, this helps you understand how each position works to become an even more competitive rival.

In other cases, it is valuable knowledge when you are the captain of your team, because you will be able to devise strategies intelligently. Obviously, you can choose to specialize in one position and become the best at it. However, in the first few times playing, it is always interesting to explore the possibilities to better understand the sport.

So, did you like these tips to play cricket like a pro?

With these tips, you won’t have to feel envious every time you see the players in matches and tournaments. More than an entertainment option among friends and fans, this is the gateway to beginner leagues. So, start gathering people passionate about cricket to practice with you


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